Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Alabama State For Tourists

Alabama has a lot of must-see attractions and exciting activities to do. It is known as Cotton State and Fantastic gardens. You will have a historical, scientific journey in its cities. Nature tourism is also part of other things to do in Alabama state which you will enjoy there. Let’s check out tourist attractions in Alabama.

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1- Talladega Superspeedway – Talladega

Talladega Superspeedway, or “Dega” is an internationally famous motorsport complex north of Talladega. You will experience a race in an unusual way.

2- McWane Science Center – Birmingham

Permanent exhibits of McWane Science Center provide a science education experience. It is affiliated with the Association of Science-Technology Centers. Its place is at 200 19th Street N, Birmingham, AL 35203. You will participate in lots of exhibitions like Itty Bitty Magic City, NatureScope, Alabama Dinosaurs, Sea Monsters, The Shark and Ray Touch Tank, Science on a Sphere, Fox 6 Weather Lab, High Cycle, World of Water Aquarium, IMAX Dome Theater.

3- Zelda and Scott in Fitzgerald Museum – Montgomery

It is the last home the Fitzgeralds lived in. You can know more about these Aircraft inventors with the things that remained in the house, like various artifacts, legacies, information about Zelda’s lives, and Scott Fitzgerald and Scott Fitzgerald’s books.

4- Birmingham Children Theatre – Birmingham

The largest and oldest theater Located at the Birmingham–Jefferson Convention Complex. It works on high-quality, professional theatrical performances for young people. Book one of its productions, which stages in-house or with the Theater-in-Motion tour.

5- First White House of the Confederacy – Montgomery

It was called Executive Mansion at first, which the Provisional Congress authorized the leasing. It had been built between 1832 and 1835 by A. M. Bradley.

6- Fort Gaines – Dauphin Island

It was an important site in the Battle of Mobile Bay. It has excellent vistas and panoramic views. You can take a tour with the staff wearing period dress and see the blacksmith’s shop, original cannons, gift shop, and museums.

7- Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum – Birmingham

It is the world’s best car collection gathered by George Barber. He established the most extensive motorcycle and bike collection that was produced 100 years ago. You can see over 1400 motorcycles and more than 650 bikes here, which are from famous brands.

8- Vulcan Park and Museum – Birmingham

Birmingham’s colossal statue is the symbol of Birmingham. The largest cast iron statue in the world is in Vulcan. An Italian artist created this artwork in 1904. It is in the center of the Vulcan USA national park and Museum.

9- Ave Maria Grotto – Cullman

This is a collection of 125 miniatures of famous shrines, churches, and buildings in Alabama’s Benedictine Abbey. They are a reproduction of them and the so-called Jerusalem in Miniature. Brother Joseph Zoettl of St. Bernard Abbey is its artist.

10- U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum – Huntsville

Its subject is the accomplishments of women and men in the American military. It shows over 30 military vehicles, artifacts, tableaus, and other memorabilia from world war I and later, wars.

11- Birmingham Museum of Art – Birmingham

It was founded in 1951 with a collection of more than 25,000 objects. They are representing different cultures from Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Pre-Columbian. You will also see, collection of Vietnamese ceramics, Renaissance and Baroque paintings, and a remarkable Wedgwood collection.

12- Dauphin Island Sea Lab Estuarium – Dauphin Island

It draws your attention to the habitats of coastal Alabama. More than 100 species are gathered in 31 aquariums.

13- Dexter Parsonage Museum – Montgomery

Twelve pastors of the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church have been living in this home. The most famous one is Dr. Martin Luther King and his family, whom you will know better. It is also an interpretive center, and its exhibition shows photos of all the pastors who lived there.

14- Alligator Alley – Summerdale

It’s a farm designed as a natural environment. Over 450 alligators can be seen here, from babies to mature adults. You will also see the animals like turtles, owls, and ospreys in their natural habitat.

15- Southeastern Raptor Center – Auburn

It was founded in the 1970s by Dr. Milton as rehabilitation for injured birds. You can join The educational programs and learn more about birds.

16- Bellingrath Gardens and Home – Theodore

Book Southern Hotel and its fantastic display of different types of flowers in every season. The garden was built in 1923 and featured more than 400 varieties of camellias, azaleas, hydrangeas, roses, and cascading chrysanthemums.

17- Huntsville Botanical Garden – Huntsville

This is an aquatic garden, and you can see many plant collections. It offers the country’s largest seasonal butterfly house and unique gardens. You and your family will love the dinosaur garden, storybook garden, and spacious garden. The garden has family festivals, a gift shop, and amusing programs for all ages.

18- Birmingham Civil Rights Institute – Birmingham

It is a research center about civil rights developments. It has been open since 1992 to people. Group tours and public programs visit their archival collections and exhibitions.

19- Fort Morgan State Historical Site Museum – Gulf Shores

It is an army site that was built in 1834 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Troops were stationed here during previous wars. You will have a journey to the days of world war II while walking through Fort Morgan.

20- Alabama Wildlife Center – Pelham

It’s the largest and oldest wildlife rehabilitation facility in Alabama. More than 100 species of wild birds are being cared for in this center. They are helped to return to the wild. It offers educational and clinical programs.

21- GulfQuest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico – Mobile

It is the only maritime US museum of the world presenting the Gulf of Mexico’s economic, historical, and cultural significance. GulfQuest is located on the Mobile River and the decks of a ship replica. So, you can do many things besides Mobile River’s incredible view.

22- U.S. Space and Rocket Center – Huntsville

This is NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center official visitor center. You can learn all about space with collections, space travel simulators, and interactive exhibits. You will enjoy traveling exhibits, a Redstone arsenal bus tour, and daily movies.

23- Old Cahawba Archaeological Park – Orrville

This Archaeological Park represents the Cahawba’s historical past. Archaeologists and historians make it to show how life there was. This city was Alabama’s state capital from 1819 to 1826.

24- Old Depot Museum – Selma

It was the old L&N Railroad Depot built in 1890 with a Romanesque Revival architectural style. One of the structures of the ‘Water Avenue Historic District.’ Many memorabilia and artifacts are in this museum. There are additional exhibits like antique railcars and a Victorian Firehouse.

25 – National Voting Rights Museum and Institute – Selma

It’s a place to understand every detail about the events and people tried for voting rights. There are also many exhibits about women’s suffrage, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and other movements.

26- The Joseph T. Smitherman Building – Selma

It was the Dallas County Courthouse and the Vaughan Memorial Hospital formerly. The building has a Greek Revival style created in 1847. It is now the exhibition of the history of Selma, the Civil War, local and national politics, Native American artifacts, and antique furniture.

27- Paul M. Grist State Park – Valley Grande

It can be an outdoor haven for you in Selma. It has a 100-acre lake with the opportunity to enjoy water activities. You can go hiking on trails leading to a forest. Set up a tent in picnicking areas or its modern campsites. You will see a wide variety of flora and fauna here.

28- Tally Ho – Selma

It would be best if you experienced traditional dishes of Tally Ho cooked with international flavors and techniques. Its building is 60 years old with a rich past in Selma. Please take a look at some of its special menus like fried green tomatoes with sautéed crab, the seafood gumbo, fried gulf oysters, and sautéed shrimp with cream sauce.

29- Lannie’s Bar-B-Q – Selma

If you are in Selma, have a meal at this historic restaurant. You will come back again for its quality barbecue cooked with an old special recipe.

30- Brown Chapel AME Church – Selma

It’s a historical site that had a role in the Selma Movement, a remembrance of the contributions which shaped the United States. It was built in 1908 in the Romanesque Revival.

31- Old Live Oak Cemetery – Selma

This place is the monument of America’s history. It includes several famous burials, features related to the Confederate States of America, The Confederate Circle, the Confederate Soldier Monument, Pigeon House, the Elodie Todd Dawson monument, the Jefferson Davis Memorial Chair, and the Forrest Memorial.

32- Visit Birmingham’s restaurants – Birmingham

This city is famous for its food scenes. They are great places to gather with family. Some of the best ones serving international foods are Rojo, Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, Bettola, Hot & Hot Fish Club, Bottega, and Vecchia Pizzeria.

33- The finest shopping locations – Birmingham

If you are looking for popular shopping areas in Alabama, start your shopping with The Summit. For a local feel, provide small-town shopping in villages at Mountain Brook. The Outlet Shops of Grand River make available a wide variety of shops to choose from.

34- Railroad Park – Birmingham

A 17-acre green-space in the heart of Birmingham opened in 2010. Many Italian restaurants and shops are nearby. You will experience that energy for yourself in the Parkside District. Take a walk around Railroad Park. The best Dining options in Birmingham are accessible here.

35- The Museum of Wonder – RuralL Seale

This fantastic museum is located at RURAL SEALE, Alabama. It’s a collection of folk art and architecture gathered by Butch Anthony. The wonder is when you see found objects, paintings, taxidermy, and discarded items, even junk ones there.

36- Rattlesnake Saloon – Appalachian foothills

This is an old-fashioned saloon located in a giant natural cave. It is mentioned as one of the most critical places in Alabama. You will find what you need to become a cowboy, things like bare-bones campsites, furnished cabins changed into guest rooms, rent horses and stalls for their horses, and roam the land on horseback.

37- Cheaha Mountain – Delta

It is the highest point in Alabama, located at 2,407 feet above sea level. The forest surrounded this peak. There is a tower built in 1934 which was initially a gift shop and park offices.

38- Tanglewood Carvings of Orr Park – Montevallo

It’s a lovely natural area, worth a visit. Its attraction is fantastic carvings on dead trees, which are the art of Tim Tingle. This park contains playgrounds, a walking trail, and sports fields. Picnic shelters and beautiful trees to sit beneath their shades gets you back into nature.

39- Alabama Booksmith – Birmingham

This is an attractive place for book lovers. The author signs every newly published book. You can see the full cover and buy a book with their regular cover price.

40- Bamahenge – Josephine

It is a full-scale fiberglass replica of Stonehenge in England as a monument. Artist Mark Cline built it. They are 6.4 m tall and 32 m across. You will see sculptures of dinosaurs in the woods. Visiting Bamahenge is free, and you can park anywhere off the road.

41- Goldie 1971 – The Fallen Robot- Birmingham

It’s a rusting giant created by Joe McCreary for the University of Alabama campus. It is in the middle of Woods Quad, just outside the Department of Art and Art History. Goldie 1971 a reminder to the students that art can tell all of our stories. His creator meant to say, don’t forget who you are and where you came from.

42- Tolstoy Park – Home of Henry Stuart – Fairhope

When Henry Stuart was diagnosed with tuberculosis, he moved from Idaho to a better climate. He bought wooded land and built around a hurricane-resistant home. It’s famous for its unique and weird structure.

43- The Gigantic Chair of Anniston – Anniston

It is one of the largest chairs globally with 31 feet tall, made of ten tons of steel. It has the world’s most gigantic wad of gum underneath it. “Miller’s Office Furniture,” a store built-in 1981.

44- Barber Marina – Elberta

Marina is a sculpture of a lady in the lake. Its location is on the peninsula between Wolf Bay and Ingram Bayou. This attractive place is famous for boats and an intriguing assortment of art. The lake is surrounded by pin forest, where four dinosaurs and replicas of Stonehenge are visible.

45- Holmes Medical Museum – Foley

It was the tiny city’s first hospital from 1936 to 1958. The hospital closed, and the rooms were preserved just as they looked in the early 20th century. You can see a collection of sterile, frightening old tools in this museum. There are also birth certificates from children born there. It has recreated the strange atmosphere of mid-20th century hospitals.

46- K’NEX – Huntsville

It is a 12-foot-tall T-rex which is built by 141,950 pieces of plastic toys and named K’Nex. It is called one of the most oversized K’Nex skeleton sculptures in the world, made by Space Camp crew trainers in 2011. You can find it in the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. It is viewable for free.

47- Pettus Randall Miniature Museum of American History – Montevallo

You have the opportunity to see landmark historical moments of America’s history in this miniatures museum. Pettus Randall started this traveling museum of miniatures in 1964. You will meet influential figures in America here, which are made in models. It is accessible through the American Village living history museum.

48- Spear Hunting Museum – Summerdale

This museum is Founded by Gene Morris and is called the most excellent living spear hunter in the world. He has killed more than 500 animals using two-handed spears, killing two animals at once. You can see many of the different animals killed by him. Morris talks about his expeditions there too. You can buy his books, DVDs, and spears designed by him from its gift shop.

49- Alabama’s Natural Bridge – Natural Bridge

Two hundred million years ago, this bridge was made up of sprawling sandstone and iron ore. It was home to Native Americans, which is now near William Bankhead National Forest. It looks like a small cave area with a curved rock formation. Its greatness is because it is 148 feet long and 60 feet high.

50- Spectre Set Ruins – Millbrook

We suggest you walk through the fictional town of Spectre. It is placed on the Alabama River, which is the remains of a small town built for the film “Big Fish.” You can go camping there with friends and family by paying 5 to 10 dollars per person a night.
As you see, Alabama is full of strange places and phenomena that teaches you things while having fun.

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