San Diego Zoo Safari Park Tickets And Hours For Kids

What do you know about the center of national parks and outstanding cultural institutions? Yes, you are right; we talk about California, the house of Golden Gate Bridge. California is famous for its delightful climate and delicious foods. Some of the tourist attractions in California state include Yosemite National Park, Hollywood, Angel Islands, and other fantastic places. One of the remarkable areas is positioned at 2929 Zoo Drive Balboa Drive Park, San Diego, CA 92101, called San Diego Zoo. This modern Zoo is a settlement of over 800 notable species. This Zoo protects over 3500 beautiful animals in a safe and friendly environment. This 99 acres zoo opened in 1916 and was visited by more than 2 million visitors each year. The major exhibits of the Zoo included Absolutely Apes, Popular bear Plunge, Children’s Zoo, Monkey Trail, Elephant Odyssey, Ituri Forest, and Panda Trek. This pioneer open-air zoo creates a natural environment for its inhabitants and is an excellent tourist attraction in San Diego. The visitors can see the giant pandas at this Zoo, and these lovely animals are exciting for little kids. According to the visitors’ idea, this Zoo is one of the best zoos they have seen. This time we decide to take you to the animals’ kingdom at San Diego Zoo. Stay with us.

San Diego Zoo Background

giraffe in San Diego zoo

This Zoo was the only Zoo that created cageless exhibits and did its best to design a modern zoo. So this Zoo started its duty in 1916 and established the first open lion area in San Diego. Until 50 years ago, children under the age of 16 had free access to the Zoo, but this law was canceled in the 1960s. In this Zoo, the visitors have the chance to see lovely koalas out of their original home, Australia. This Zoo is the host of glorious animals such as Amur leopards, giant anacondas, arctic foxes, babirusas, bateleur eagles, klipspringers, koalas, lemurs, adorable penguins, and other amazing animals. This Zoo is a beautiful plant territory, and the visitors may enjoy its botanical gardens.

San Diego Zoo Features

San Diego Zoo Features

At San Diego Zoo, you have the opportunity to enjoy the presence of a tour bus that takes you to visit 75% of the Zoo. You may use a gondola lift and watch animals on top of the Zoo. Vin Roll built this aerial view opportunity in 1961 to make animal visits exciting. Different exhibits of Zoo are occupied by various animals and plants that live side-by-side in nature. Most of these natural exhibits include a moat for giant animals and open-air pools to help them swim. The impeccable climate of California makes it the perfect place for animals and plants. Visitors interested in rare plants can join Zoo gardens and see the breathtaking exotic plants. The Zoo is the house of over 500000 beautiful plants that some of them are an excellent food supply for animals. For example, a bamboo is a delicious option for unique pandas. The charming koalas feed on various kinds of eucalyptuses. As you see, coming to Zoo could be an unrepeatable experience for you and your little children. Join in and enjoy the fantastic realm of animals.

San Diego Zoo Exhibits

San Diego Zoo Exhibits

The Zoo includes unique exhibits that each one provides a separate kingdom for lovely animals. Keep reading and enjoy the more detailed information represented in the following parts.

Monkey Trail and Forest Tales

Monkey Trail and Forest Tales

If you like to see those funny monkeys and other Asian and African Rainforest areas’ animals? Join this exhibit. The present exhibition took the place of the former one called Monkey Yard. In Monkey Trail, you will see cute Monkeys such as spider monkeys, mandrills, Angola colobus, and snakes, turtles, lizards, pancake tortoises, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and other creatures. In the exhibit, you have the opportunity to see animals by an elevated outdoor path; the bog garden, a ficus tree, and beautiful cycads add to the beauty of the exhibit.

Owen Aviary and Scripps Aviary

These unique exhibits are the dwelling of many charming birds. In Owen Rainforest Aviary, more than 200 colorful birds of 45 different species live together. You can see the gorgeous jacanas, argus pheasants, kingfishers, woodpeckers. Do not lose the chance to see the dazzling sociable weavers, magnificent tinker birds, and brilliant amethyst starlings.

Panda Canyon

Panda Canyon

One of the amusing animals that live in all parts of the world is bamboo lovers who live in a zoo. The funny pandas moved from China to the Zoo and were visited by panda lovers in an excellent environment. In Panda Canyon, you have an opportunity to see the rare species and acquire practical information about these famous creatures. At present, there are more Chinese animals because of the Panda trek closure.

Urban Jungle

The settlement of various animals such as red kangaroos, flamingos, cheetahs, Indian rhinos, Eumemmerring’s gazelles, binturong, and crested porcupines is called Urban Jungle. These fantastic animals exhibit a new animal experience in an atmosphere exactly like their original home. Joining the exhibit, you feel you step into the animal’s main house exhibit.

Polar Bear Plunge

Polar Bear

Polar Bear Plunge opened its doors to the public in 1996 and became the home of more than three amazing animals. The principal inhabitants of Polar Bear Plunge are three fabulous polar bears called tatqia, chinook, and adorable kalluk. Other inhabitants of the exhibit are arctic foxes, alluring raccoons, and reindeers. The exhibition includes an underwater show area that allows visitors to see the swimming bears. The arctic birds’ settlement is a fantastic destination for bird lovers, and you can see the spectacular diving ducks, long-tailed ducks, redheads, pintails, and buffleheads. The stunning redwood trees, glorious pine trees, and other astounding plants add to the exhibit’s beauty. A little bit above the Polar Bear Plunge, you can see the house of lesser kudu, bontebok, Chinese goals, wolves, and harpy eagles.

Discovery Outpost

There is an exhibit called Discovery Outpost in the southern part of the Zoo and close to the main entrance. This area is the house of reptiles and adjacent to the reptile walk. The Discovery Playground and Children’s Zoo are positioned in the Discovery Outpost. A small bird place includes beautiful birds such as sunbirds, tanagers, green aracaris, and other colorful species. If you are interested in little insects such as leafcutter ants, water beetles, and other collections, you may join this place. Goats and lanate sheep in the petting paddock are considered another aesthetic aspect of the San Diego Zoo. Join the exhibit with your little kids and interact with these sweet animals. Do not miss the chance of visiting the inhabitants of the children’s Zoo, such as macaws, Komodo dragons, monitor lizards, pythons, European pond turtles, freshwater crocodiles, snakes, and other animal species.

Ituri Forest

The San Diego Zoo illustrates the Ituri Forest in the magnificence of Africa Ituri Forest exhibits, which was established in 1999 and held various African animal species in its heart. This section of San Diego Zoo starts with visiting winsome black duiker and okapi. Then visitors go to another close exhibit called hippopotamus to see the tilapia. After visiting that exhibit, you may go to the nearby restaurant and eat something delicious. Do not lose the opportunity to prepare a souvenir in the nearby gift shop. The exhibit is along with the African Forest Buffalo, and you may see Allen’s swamp monkeys and spotted necked otters. What a nice moment to see the swimming otters and the funny monkeys that are walking and jumping. Have fun.

Elephant Odyssey

Elephant Odyssey in San Diego Zoo California

Elephant Odyssey opened its doors to the public in 2009 and welcomed the Asian and African elephants. The exhibit takes visitors to the past and represents the Fossil Portal to familiarize them with the modern elephants’ Ancestors. The Portal demonstrates the Columbian mammoth, American lion, and saber-tooth cat. Other exhibits of Elephant Odyssey are jaguars, secretary birds, turtles, African lions, and other creatures. If you are interested in these giant creatures, head toward the Elephant Odyssey.

Tiger Trail

Tiger Trail

Tigers, these mighty and shining creatures, are the inhabitants of Tiger Trail. The exhibit opened 32 years ago and is positioned in the leaning canyon and is the settlement of Malayan tigers. The entranceway takes you to the underwater showcase of crocodiles and reptiles. Then drive to the Marsh Aviary to see the white-collared kingfishers and fishing cats. On the way to visit the glorious tiger, you will have a memorable adventure so try to fix each moment in your mind and enjoy it.


Do you love cute and lazy koalas? Do you want to feel the beauty of Australia in San Diego? If your answer is positive, head towards the kingdom of koalas in the San Diego Zoo. Koalafronia or Outback belongs to these lovely creatures and opened eight years ago. The exhibit’s construction is based on the fact that these animals need sun rays to stay healthy. You will see the other Australian animals such as wallabies, wombats, ringtail possums, beautiful palm cockatoos, and other creatures in the exhibit. The San Diego Zoo is the first Zoo in America that is the home of Tasmanian Devils.

African Rocks

African Rocks

The African Rocks was established in 2017 and featured six exhibits. The Cape Fynbos belongs to the African penguins, which are in danger of extinction. The captivating penguins percentage their realm with top-notch leopard sharks. The Acacia Woodland exhibit includes an aviary and a group of vervet monkeys. The Madagascar Forest exhibit is the house of lemur species that live in a safe place. Ethiopian Highlands exhibit houses, hamadryas baboons, and gelada and provide a chance to visit these fabulous creatures. Kopje Woodland exhibits settlement of klipspringers, dwarf mongoose, and other adopted animals. The West African Forest exhibit demonstrates African dwarf crocodiles and is considered another beautiful part of the African Rocks.

Live Cam

We have good news for anybody out of America and want to visit the Zoo and its fabulous animals. The Zoo provides an opportunity to see the magnificence of its occupants. If you like to see cute hippos, the hippo cam welcomes you. If you are a penguin lover or polar bear, penguin cam and polar cam are yours. Ape cam, tiger cam, giraffe cam, elephant cam, and others are waiting for you. Seize the time and enjoy them.

San Diego Zoo ticket and discount

After deciding to visit the Zoo, it is time to know about i’s tickets. A Day Pass, which includes one day visit to Zoo, Skyfari Aerial Tram, a bus tour, and a kangaroo express bus, costs $50 for 3 to 11 years old children and $60 for adults. Two Visit Pass, including visiting the Zoo and Zoo Safari, or two visits, cost $100 for adults and $90 for children. Three For One Pass includes visiting SeaWorld® San Diego, San Diego Zoo, and San Diego Safari Park, which costs 154 for adults and 144 children. Go San Diego Pass includes free access to Zoo, SeaWorld Legoland®, and 35 unique attractions cost $212 for adults and $194 for children. The unlimited annual pass costs 205 for children and a115 for adults. The territory of animals is open 365 days a year, whether it is rainy or stormy, even on holidays. If you are a AAA member, you may benefit from a 10% discount after showing your special cart. The Zoo is open, and you may join it.

Special Events

Are you looking for an adventurous wild wedding? Do you like to celebrate your wedding venue in the heart of the animals’ kingdom? If your answer is yes, head towards the Zoo Safari Park and enjoy the majesty of nights in a fantastic area with a glimpse of wild animals ranging from tigers to long-neck giraffes. Plan a wedding venue which is not like others. Do not forget to take beautiful wedding photos while a lovely giraffe is looking at you. In addition to the wedding venue, you may join the Zoo for your kids’ birthday party. Children love animals, and they will never forget this unique birthday party with these lovely creatures. Just pick up the phone and let the Talented team plan your party.

San Diego Zoo Games

The Zoo arranges a significant number of computer games for children. Some of these games include Tiger Trail, Safari Park Adventure, Elephant Odyssey, and Polar Bear Plunge. You may visit the App Store and download them for your little ones and let them play and learn through play.

Shopping and Dining

Indeed, you and your children are hungry after searching for and exploring the Zoo in detail and need to eat something energetic. One of the restaurants is situated in the Zoo’s heart that offers kids’ meals, and vegetarian options are Albert’s Restaurant. If you are a pizza or burger lover or need desserts or vegetarian options, go to Busy Bee Café. Still, to eat delicious sandwiches or mouth-watering ice creams, you may go to Zoo Sandwich Co. Do not lose the exciting shopping experience in Zoo kids Store, ZOOTIQUE, SYDNEY’S SHOPPE, and other places to prepare fabulous souvenirs for your friends or family members.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Hours

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is currently open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please note that hours of operation may vary due to seasonal changes or other factors, and it is always best to check the official website or contact the park directly for the most up-to-date information.

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