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One of the most eye-catching places to visit In Colorado State, USA

History and Location

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is one of the most marvelous National Parks in charge of protecting 149028 acres of area. This American national park is close to Alamosa, Saguache, and Colorado counties. It was established as a national monument in 1972 and was known as a national park in 2004. More than 500000 visitors visit the eye-catching national park in a year.

The birthplace of the 299 m tall dunes becomes a popular tourist destination in Colorado. The park includes riparian zones, alpine tundra, and montane woodlands. Eleven thousand years ago the human beings lived on this site, including Navajo and Apaches. The park is accessible through Medano Creek during spring and summer. Visitors are allowed to hike through the park, but they must know that the temperature reaches 66 degrees Celsius during summer. Sand sledding and sandboarding are among the trendy activities in the area. You may rent suitable pieces of equipment and have fun in Great Sand Dunes National Park.

If you have a street-legal four-wheel-drive vehicle, you may explore the unpaved sites and deep sand. If you are a hunter and look for a chance, you are very welcome during autumn days—Head toward a place that was the Stone Age people’s hunting destination. Join the park and the Wetlands and grasslands and Sand sheets and find beautiful red osier dogwood, rocky mountain juniper, and pinyon pine. Pick up some lovely white water buttercup for your beloved.

Activities, Services, Parking, and Things to Do

The Medano Creek takes you to the park and guides you toward high dunes. If you need a wheelchair, sand wheelchairs at the visitor center are available. The forests, peaks, and beautiful lakes are excellent destinations for hiking. Exploring dunes accompanies unparalleled experiences in the morning and evening. Plan your time to spend 4 hours in the untouched places. Each section of the park has a story for visitors who look for adventures. Do your kids like to splash in the water? If they are interested in playing in the water, we have good news for you. Madonna Creek is a phenomenal place that creates the atmosphere of a beach. Discover Great Sand Dunes National Park on your feet but do not forget to take suitable shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and enough water.

The most exciting hiking experience in the forested trails is an excellent thing to do in this National Park and Preserve. Take pleasure from escaping from the warm days of summer and walk along to the green trees and tiny plants. The Montville nature trail offers an astounding view of Mt. Herard. Do not miss the time to take photos while probing the site. Free Ranger programs are available for visitors from Spring to Autumn. Each Friday, the programs are designated for the following week. This wonderful National Park has educational programs for kids and school-age children. They will learn through play and acquire more knowledge. Experience the night sky of great dunes with your beloved. The birthplace of stars and moon summons you to fill your soul with peace and relaxation.

Discovering the park on their light moon while looking at hundreds of thousands of shining stars and listening to the whispering wind makes your journey unforgettable. If you desire to see more stars head towards the park during moonless nights; however, to experience the surreal walk, you may find yourself in the park on the full moon. This US Park invites photographers with an open arm and a warm smile.

The scenic view and spectacular attractions of the park provide an opportunity to take magical photos. In October, you will find stunning landscapes. Are you ready to start horseback riding in the park? Some sections of the area, including pinon flats campground, sand sheets loop Trail, Willington ditch Trail, and Mosca Creek picnic area, are among the attractive destinations for horseback riding. Do not close your eyes to this magnificent tourist attraction in Colorado. The dunes parking area is the closest parking on this site. You may find many places to park your vehicle and discover various things to do in Alamosa offered by Great Sand Preserve.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve Lodging

Join this US National Park and Preserve to enjoy the serenity and tranquility of your destination. Rest at the Sangre De Cristo Mountains foothill and take pleasure from the majestic view of the area. There are some options to stay at the park. The first one is Great Sand Dunes Lodge which is a modern motel. It is situated in the south part of the park. The Lodge is open from March to October. Some rustic cabins near the park entrance are available from April to October, but it does not have any water or shower facilities. Zapata Ranch is a rustic place that benefits from a brilliant historic architectural style. You will experience unforgettable moments during your journey. Without any doubt, you never forget your memories of staying in the park.

Camping In Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

Staying and camping at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is not always forbidden. What is more exciting than staying under the shining sky and gazing at little stars? It is highly recommended to stay in this peaceful part of the Earth. By camping at the pinyon flats campground, you have a chance to see Sangre De Cristo and greet sand tubes. The unmatched convenience of this site attracts many visitors.

Oasis campground is situated in the park’s heart and has several showers, a restaurant, and laundry. The campground welcomes you from April to October. The sand dunes swimming Pool and campground is a private facility close to the Visitor Centre and is open all year. The site has a swimming pool, tent areas, cabins, and mouthwatering food and salads. The west side of the great sand dunes visitor center is another place for camping. UFO Watchtower and campground is a primitive place that is open all year. Head toward one of these places and jump into the world of exploration.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve Weather

Are you equipped to undergo Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve? From April to June, the weather is pleasantly cool during different days of the year, but the wind is not uncommon, exploring the park in the morning. During the warm days of summer, the Medano creek retreats toward lofty mountains. On sunny days that temperature reaches 150 degrees Fahrenheit. In this period, expect afternoon thunderstorms. The best time to visit the park is from September to December. Take advantage of watching the Milky Way during this time. Storms are highly predictable during winter, and you will see many pronghorn and elk in the evening and morning. This US National Park is waiting for you to offer its unexampled things to do.

The Best Restaurants Near Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

The park has many dining rooms and restaurants for its special guests. Stay with us to introduce some of the best nearby places.

Great Sand Dunes Oasis

Great Sand Dunes Oasis offers the most delicious American dishes in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch are available at particular times. The rest features including takeout, parking, table service, and other things. Do not forget to test delicious cheeseburgers.

Desert Sage Restaurant

This restaurant provides American food in a modern atmosphere. Desert Sage Restaurant is a vegetarian-friendly or restaurant that offers excellent and different dishes. Take advantage of tasting chicken pesto.

Bob’s Place Crestone Colorado

The American dishes offered by Bob’s Place Crestone
Colorado attracts a significant number of people. The restaurant’s egg and bacon for breakfast are a must eat. If you need gluten-free bread, the restaurant has special dishes for you. The vegan and vegetarian options are available for special guests.

Mandala Pizza

Are you a pizza lover? Do you like to eat crispy pizza in a place where the heart of one the best national parks in the US beats? If you like to test new tastes, Mandala Pizza is for you. Enjoy incredible pizza with your little kids.

Our Food Is Art

Our Food Is Art is another place to taste American cuisine. The tender burgers of the restaurants are very delicious, and you will never forget their excellent taste. The sandwiches, gluten-free pasta, and gluten-free pastries are among the tasty options of the restaurants. The charming restaurants remind you of home in Colorado. The food is made of fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Alpine Lodge

Alpine Lodge is a place to order American food and gluten-free options. This vegetarian-friendly restaurant offers the most delicious dishes in a modern atmosphere. The restaurant overlooks green trees and becomes a hidden treasure in the area. Do not miss delicious burgers made at the hands of a skilled chef. I wish you happy moments in the restaurant.

The Best Hotels Near Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

In the following part, we introduce some of the best hotels near the park.

Two Star Hotel- Best Western Alamosa Inn

Select this 2-star hotel as your holiday destination. The hotel’s majesty Mountain View rooms are full of peace and clear your mind of your daily problems. The hotel is positioned in the heart of San Luis Valley. The rooms are equipped with an air conditioner, microwave, satellite TV, telephone, refrigerator, and iron. The hotel’s amenities include free parking, Pool, free breakfast, free high-speed internet, hot tub, picnic area, and indoor Pool.

Three Star Hotel- Fairfield Inn & Suites Alamosa

Alamosa has an excellent place to stay. Fairfield Inn & Suites Alamosa is a magnificent 3-star hotel that features free parking, Pool, free high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and laundry services. The family rooms and suites are equipped with an air conditioner, microwave, flat-screen TV refrigerator, and other amenities. This modern hotel is a popular tourist destination.

Four Star Hotel- Mountain View Motor Inn

Mountain View Motor Inn is a magnificent 4-star hotel with non-smoking rooms equipped with a microwave, air conditioner, refrigerator, fireplace, tea, and coffee maker. The other properties include Wi-Fi, board games, a business center with internet access, and a vending machine. Next to hiking, fishing, and hunting locations, the hotel becomes a great destination for outdoor activities.

Three Star Hotel- The Windsor Hotel

The legacy of 1874 attracts anybody who likes to step into the pages of history. Colorado’s oldest hotel features free parking, meeting rooms, gift shop Wi-Fi, and other amenities. The historic hotel rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV, telephone, bathrobe, and air conditioner. The hotel is next to San Juan Spiritual Centre and Del Notre Parks and Trails.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve Your

There are many methods to discover this touristy and eye-catching place in Colorado. One of your available options is Your 2-Day Itinerary. This two-day trip invites you to experience the best of the park. Be ready to explore the high dunes and wake up early in the morning. The cool sand is charming in the morning but may burn your foot when the temperature increases.

Visiting high dunes and starting a new adventure is an unforgettable memory in Colorado. Discovering alpine trails and Zapata Falls is another enjoyable part of your day trip. Take advantage of updating your Instagram by taking extraordinary photos of the area. The next tour is great dunes photo tours which last and 2-days and are available all year. The tour is for anyone who intends to take impressive photos of natural landscapes. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are no group tours. The tour guide provides the best information to find unique subjects for photography. Have fun in the territory of little moving Sands.

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