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History and Location

Pack your bag, tie your shoelace and prepare yourself to go through one of the very relaxing tourist attractions in Nevada state. This park which we cover in this part, sits on the borders of California and Nevada. Death Valley National Park is next to Lone Pine, Beatty, Nevada, and California. It was established as a national monument in 1933 and became a glorious national park in 1994. Each year over 1 million people join the peaceful park and experience unforgettable moments in the area. The park is surrounded by several sections, including Death Valley, Panamint Valley, Eureka Valley, and Saline Valley.

The park preserves salt flats, mountains, and beautiful sand Valleys. America’s largest park houses many animals and plants, such as bighorn sheep and lovely creosote bush, among others. The park covered 3373063 acres of area and was the settlement of the group of Native Americans who camped in the site. The name of the park was selected by a series of people who were trapped in the park. The search for gold in the park is called the park Death Valley National Park because many people died while exploring gold. The park has become one of the popular things to do in California since 1920, and its unique geological shape drew many people. If you want to see the rocks that date back to over 1 billion years ago, do not miss the opportunity. The dark sky park invites you to enjoy the beautiful star party in the heart of Nevada.

Activities, Services, Parking, and Things to Do

The park houses many historic places and offers many chances to enjoy outdoor activities and exploration. Remember that leave no trace on the park and exit as you have never been here. The marvelous park is not frightening as its name shows. This scenery US National Park includes campgrounds, a visitor Center and several restaurants. One of the park’s eye-opening places is Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes that attracts many photographers to take unique photos. If you look for such a scene, you may find yourself in the area when The Shining Sun hits the dunes. Take magical pictures in the place. If you come to the park during sprint days, go towards a sculptured dune and enjoy kissing your hair and face with a pleasant breath. You can see a significant number of several landscapes via your four-wheeled vehicle.

On your first visit to Death Valley National Park, start your journey from a Badwater Basin that allows you to visit polygon salt structures. Plan your time to spend 2 hours in this place. Artist Drive is another attraction in the park that offers a colorful view of the area. If you want to see the colors’ game, do not close your eyes to the spectacular vista. Check Out Devils Golf Course invites you to immerse yourself in the park’s beautiful site, which is the golf course of the devil, in that nobody can play golf except the devil. Listen carefully to the whispering little sands.

Do you want to see a colorful labyrinth in Death Valley National Park? If your answer is positive, head towards the park. The intersection of several routes calls you to start your adventure on the site. Visit Zabriskie point is a famous section of the park which overlooks the Furnace Creek Formation. Take pleasure from hiking on this site that does not need a reservation. The sunrise and eye-catching sunset make it a place to experience peaceful moments. Many roads in the park provide opportunities to ride rental bicycles and vehicles. The campgrounds offer a chance to camp in the selected places so bring your suitable shoes and clothes to stay in the kind hands of Death Valley and experience unforgettable moments.

Watching the shining dark sky of the park is among the loveliest things to do. It is highly suggested to visit the park during the glorious new moon to see more little stars. You may go to Harmony Borax Works, Badwater Basin, or Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes to enjoy the star party. The provided activities may require a fee, so be prepared to pay. The entrance fee per car cost $30 and $25 per motorcycle. Each person must pay $15.

Death Valley National Park Lodging

The remote park offers many places to sleep during your visit. one of these areas is Stovepipe Wells Village that is open year-round and provides necessary accommodations. If you want to stay in a historic place, head toward The Inn Death Valley, which creates a family-friendly atmosphere for visitors of all ages. The convenient site welcomes you with open arms. The Ranch at Death Valley is a private motel that includes shops, restaurants, and other accommodations. Panamint Springs Resort is located inside the park and takes advantage of a peaceful atmosphere. There are several lodgings outside Death Valley National Park that you may select according to your condition and activities offered by the places. Move toward one of them after exploring the park with your friends or family.

Death Valley National Park Camping

Campgrounds of Death Valley National Park attract many travelers and adventurers who need to stay and rest in the park. One of them is the Sunset Campground that offers children and family-friendly activities. You can bring your pets to the area too. The Sunset Campground offers a beautiful view of Death Valley National Park. France Creek Campground is a family-friendly site that is easily accessible and next to the visitor center. This popular campground is immaculate, and it welcomes you with a beautiful view of stars.

Fiddlers Campground features a golf course, restaurant, a pool, and free high-speed internet. The site offers the best view of the sky. The campground is next to Father Crowley Vista Point and South Creek Interpretive Trail. Texas spring campground is a great destination in the park, and you may go and camp with your honorable family. You are allowed to bring your pet to the campground. Wildrose Campground is an excellent destination that provides chances to enjoy nature’s silence and take part in family-friendly activities. The place is located between two lofty mountains and is windy so take your necessary equipment.

Death Valley National Park Weather

Do you want to visit Death Valley National Park during a pleasantly cool time? If your answer is positive, join Park from March through May, do not forget to visit Eureka Dunes on your spring journey. Visiting the park in the sweltering summer is not recommended; however, if you want to visit the park in summer, make sure your car’s air conditioner works. Fall, when the temperature drops, you may head toward the park and enjoy the magical atmosphere. Do not forget to take beautiful photos while adventuring. Winter months permit you to visit the tourist attraction on the cooler days. Let’s remind you to bring your raincoat if you want to see the park from January to February.

The Best Restaurants Near Death Valley National Park

Let’s introduce some of the best places to eat in Death Valley National Park that offers the most delicious dishes in a clean and safe environment. Keep reading to know some of the available cases.

Badwater Saloon

What do you think about testing a delicious cheeseburger in Death Valley? Are you a sandwich lover? If your answer is yes, head toward Badwater Saloon that offers the most delicious options in a romantic atmosphere at a fair price. The restaurant features table service, a seating area, and a television.

Panamint Springs Resort Restaurant

Panamint Springs Resort Restaurant is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant that offers American Cuisine in a warm atmosphere. You may help yourself with mouthwatering chicken strips or veggie pizza. If your child is a pizza lover and the restaurant is yours.

Tod Road Restaurant

Tod Road Restaurant offers American cuisine and vegetarian options. The steak, burger, and pizza are available in generous portion sizes. You may sit inside or outside and taste your meal.

Timbisha Taco Shop & Hawaiian Shared Ice

Timbisha Taco Shop & Hawaiian Shared Ice invites you and your family to order the most delicious dishes in a clean and safe atmosphere. The vegetarian-friendly site offers Native American cuisine to its special guests. Join the restaurant and enjoy the new taste.

Last Kind Words Saloon

The next excellent restaurant is Last Kind Words Saloon that offers fantastic vegetarian pasta, tender steaks, and magic burgers. Do not miss the chance to taste the pistachio pesto pasta.

The Best Hotels Near Death Valley National Park

Let us guide you toward some of the hotels next to Death Valley National Park, welcome you with open arms, and create memorable moments for you and your family.

Two Star Hotel- Amargosa Opera House and Hotel

This 2-star hotel was constructed in 1924 in the heart of the park. The family rooms and non-smoking rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and air conditioner. The amenities of the hotel include free parking, free internet, a gift shop, and board games.

Three Star Hotel- The Ranch at Death Valley

The Ranch at Death Valley is a 3-star hotel that includes Mountain View rooms. The family-like setting hotel features free parking, pool, golf course, gift shop, and restaurant. The hotel is equipped with a private balcony, flat-screen TV, and air conditioner, among others. The Ranch at Death Valley provides a unique chance to see sunrise and sunset in a romantic atmosphere.

Four Star Hotel- The Inn at Death Valley

The elegant hotel has attracted many travelers since 1927 and sits on the shoulders of Death Valley National Park. This 4-star hotel is next to natural springs, and you may enjoy watching the sunset from a stone patio while drinking your coffee. The mountain and pool view rooms are geared up with an air conditioner, satellite tv for pc TV, personal bathroom, and cellphone.

Five Star Hotel- Stovepipe Wells Village Hotel

This 5-star hotel is situated in Death Valley’s heart and becomes a popular tourist destination. The hotel benefits from rustic architectural style. The hotel’s amenities include free parking, pool, free internet, restaurant, shops, and fence around the pool. The non-smoking rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, and shower. The hotel is next to several attractions, including Stovepipe Wells and Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. You are allowed to bring your pet to your room.

Death Valley National Park Tours

Several tours invite you to experience memorable moments in this Valley National Park. The first one is Private Death Valley National Park Tour that lasts about three days, and you can visit various attractions, including Devil’s Golf Course, The Race track, and Zabriskie Point. Taking part in the tour is not suggested to anybody who suffers from back and heart problems. Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair for disabled people. The next fantastic one is Death Valley Day Tour with Evening Milky Way Viewing that lasts 11 hours and includes lunch or dinner. The tour provides the chances to see Artists Palette, Golden Canyon, Dante’s View, and Zabriskie Point. This well-organized tour is executed professionally. You may find yourself in a peaceful atmosphere and enjoy stargazing and the Milky Way.

There is good news for photographers, Death Valley National Park- Private Custom Adventure W/Pro Photography offers an opportunity to take unique photos. Take pleasure from excellent subjects for videography and photography. This tour lasts 10 to 14 hours and includes lunch and snacks. The air-conditioned vehicle will take you to the park and let you enjoy hiking equipment, including water bottles and backpacks. The tour guide offers historical and scientific education on the park. Death Valley Day Trip from Las Vegas is the next available one that lasts 10 hours. Your journey starts from Las Vegas, and you are provided with authentic information about the area. Take many photos from Artists Pallet, Devil’s Golf Course, and other attractions. The tour includes lunch, snacks, hotel pickup, hotel drop-off, and other amenities.

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