Best 10 San Francisco things to do

What are the top 10 tourist destinations in San Francisco ?

San Francisco is one of the popular destinations for foreign tourists who want to spend memorable times in beautiful landmarks. The city of fog, stunning summers, and alluring hills welcomes many tourists each year to forget their ordinary days and enjoy the beauty of natural landmarks. This fantastic city is the house of different art centers and museums, beaches, and parks, which soothes visitors’ eyes. This modern city is famous because of its culture, music, and the beauty of its beaches. Put on your shoes and move toward a dreamy world of fog and beauty. San Francisco attractions are desirable for anyone who likes to start the exploration. San Francisco is looking forward to you, so say hello and step forward. Also, we suggest reading our post about top things to do in New York.

1- Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf attraction

Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the famous attractions in San Francisco that is most visited by eager tourists. This fantastic attraction is located on the north beach and is the busiest tourist destination. Seafood restaurants in this great area are among the best places to eat in San Francisco. If it is the first time you come to this city, visiting Fisherman’s Wharf is a must-do, and it is hard to ignore. Fisherman’s Wharf is famous for its unique setting, restaurant, gift shops, and alluring water view. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Ghirardelli Square, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and Musee Mecanique are the main attractions of this area. Pier 39 is situated in this great area and includes a significant number of stores. The history of Fisherman’s Wharf dates back to the middle of the 19th century, and a considerable number of glorious ships settled here. Do not forget to test the delicious local foods like most watering oyster soup in a good restaurant with an impressive view of the sunset and the shining water, while watching the sea lions. Garlic bread and polenta is a delicious food debt you must test. San Francisco Movie Tours, Gold Dust Lounge, Boudin at the Wharf, and The San Francisco Dungeon are the nearby attractions.

2- Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island, At the top of the San Francisco things to do, was explored in 1775 and is known as The Rock too. This Rocky island was a prison in the past; however, it is an attractive tourist destination. Alcatraz Island welcomes its visitors with open arms and creates an unforgettable moment for them. This remarkable place, which its name is derived from a sea bird’s name and includes natural beauty and exotic plants, is fascinating and worth another visit. Listening to the history of legendary Alcatraz Island takes you to the past and increases your heartbeat. We suggest you take the Night tour and experience the beauty of the island at night is incredible, and you may enjoy the silence of the night and move forward in the silvery lights of the peaceful moon. The close attractions include Bay Voyager, San Francisco Fishing Charter, and Alcatraz Island Lighthouse.

3- Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is the Homeland of a significant number of beautiful gardens and museums. If you are looking for a peaceful and alluring place to spend a romantic day, Golden Gate Park is yours. De Young Museum, the Japanese Tea Garden, California Academy of Science Museum, and Steinhart Aquarium are the fabulous Golden Gate Park’s main attractions. We suggest you rent a bicycle and start the process of exploration and enjoy the absolute beauty of this piece of paradise. This large park opened in 1870 and attracts beauty, art, and music lovers. More than 1 million trees, nine lakes, a pool, and a beautiful water lily lake are located in the heart of this peaceful park.
This glorious park’s delightful weather makes it a captivating destination for a wedding venue in San Francisco. This picturesque park creates a nostalgic moment for brides and grooms.
This phenomenal park’s beauty is beyond measure, and renting a pedal boat or rowboat will complete your pleasure. You may enjoy sports like soccer, baseball, bowling, tennis, and golf in this scenic park. After a prolonged walking, it’s time to rest in one of the best San Francisco hotels like Marriott Marquis, a 4-star hotel, including VIP room facilities, a sauna, and a fitness center with a gym and their superb amenities.

4- Chinatown Attraction In San Francisco


Chinatown is the first port for Chinese migrants and is considered a bridge between the modern and traditional worlds and also one of the top sights in San Francisco, California. You may enjoy the most delicious organic and seasonal food with a beautiful design in warm and friendly restaurants in the land of the dreams. You can enjoy their tasty grilled duck in one of the best restaurants in San Francisco in this unique neighborhood. If you are going to make your trip to the hippies’ paradise and create a memorable time for your family, it’s better to visit Chinatown in Chinese New Year. With its fantastic gift shops, Chinatown, traditional pharmacies, temples, workshops, and theatres, become a popular tourist destination. Chinatown is the birthplace of the mixture of Chinese and American cuisine like chop suey and offers a unique taste of new foods. Passing Gant Avenue, you will find yourself in the heart of this mysterious place and can start your staggering trip. Chinatown’s iconic gate was sent in 1969 by Taiwan, which is decorated by two stone Lions as a guard, koi fish, and felicitous dragons. The alluring Old st. Mary’s Church, built-in 1853, is located in this place and is the most visited Chinatown area. Wai Hing Imports, Red Blossom, Tea Company, and Terracotta Army Mural are the near attractions. This vibrant place demonstrates the beauty of Hong Kong and is an extraordinary situation to have a wonderful time.

5- Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts located in San Francisco and is a historic national Palace. This impressive building is nestled on a lagoon and represents a glorious image on the surface of tranquil water and a euphonic eco of geese and ducks. This superlative Palace symbolizes the creative spirit of San Francisco, and its breathtaking greek style arches make it a marvelous place. Do not lose the chance of taking photos in the sunrise and morning walking in this magnificent building full of pure oxygen. The stunning architecture of the peaceful Palace of Fine Arts takes you back in the old times. It breaks your connection with the industrialized and anarchical modern world to relax your busy mind. This matchless Palace is a perfect place for taking your wedding photos when the sun goes down, and lovely water birds start singing. Some of the best restaurants in San Francisco and near this splendid location include Roma Antica, Cafe Plus, Super Duper, and Baker Street Bistro. The close attractions near the Palace of Fine Arts are Palace Games, Golden Gate promenade, and Walter S.Johnson Park.

6- Twin Peaks

san francisco Twin Peaks

These unique hills with 900 feet high provide a pure 360-degree view of the city are a popular destination for tourists. You have a fantastic view of Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Bay Bridge, glorious skyscrapers, and Transamerica building in this enchanting place, so enjoy these hills’ magical beauty and share your experiences and photos which are full of life. At night when the silver light of the moon enchants city, you will be in a spiritual place and the kind arms of the mother of nature. If you are looking for a picturesque location to take a dazzling photo for your Instagram backdrop, make your mind, and start your exciting journey towards these elevated hills. Visiting Twin Peak can be perfect for your birthday in that it provides a unique experience in the heart of nature. If you are hungry and want to eat something perfect, go to the nearby restaurants like Zazie, Firefly Restaurant, Anchor Oyster Seafood Market. By resting in San Francisco hotels close to twin Peaks like the Metro Hotel, Parker Guest House, or Becker’s Motor Lodge, you can refresh your body and prepare yourself for new exploration.

7- Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Golden Gate National Recreation Area is a large natural area located over the Golden Gate Bridge and one of the top eye-catching attractions in San Francisco. It is considered as a fascinating place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. This eye-catching beach area is romantic for walking and is a popular destination for lovers. This area offers its visitors whatever they like to have. The picturesque view of Golden Gate Bridge, passing amongst old trees, and fighting a peaceful place are enough reasons for attracting enthusiastic tourists to choose this scenic place. The glorious Golden Gate National Recreation Area holds two centuries’ stories and is the host of dramatic landmarks like Redwood forests. Enjoy camping and hiking as outdoor activities, and make your day unforgettable. The mixture of nature and history and wildlife with a stunning view of Alcatraz Island, are the elements that make it the most visited. If you are looking to spend a full day in this incredible place, you must expect temperature differences so take suitable clothes. If you are a painter and search for a unique position to inspire your paintings, Golden Gate National Recreation Area is waiting for you.

8- Lands End, Top Of The Exciting Things To Do In San Francisco

Lands End things to do in San Fransisco

walking beside the magical Melody of water overlooking the broken ships and the soft soil of Lands End makes it a fantastic place for relaxing body and mind. This windy and Wild landmark is the host of many tourists and provides the most pleasurable moments so that they will forget about time. This bustling place guards the channel of the ocean and leads it to the scenic Golden Gate Bridge. This city’s extraordinary situation makes it a destination for whale species, and you will have a tremendous opportunity to watch them and the glory of nature. Do not forget to bring your camera and take photos of this Lands End’s magical views and enjoy every minute of being in this area. The beautiful wildflowers, birds, and animals open a new window into the impressive beauty of nature. If you are going into the heart of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay, you must follow a path near the location of the USS San Francisco memorial for the USS; then, you can turn left and move toward the ruins of Sutro Baths. You will not lose the charming view of this luscious place, even in the foggy days. On sunny days, you are welcomed with the splendid view of the glittering water and experience a dramatic beauty that is far beyond the power of words to be described.

9- Exploratorium

Exploratorium is a famous Museum and welcomes both children and adults with open arms. In the museum of art, technology, and science, your curiosity will be fed. This science museum opened in the Palace of Fine Arts in 1969. It includes several galleries and in the house of different contents like human behavior, physics of light and sound, living systems, and the other related contents. A fantastic restaurant in this museum is created by the magical color of water and symbolizes the ocean’s beauty. This excellent museum is excellent for science lovers of all ages who want to explore different matters. If you visit the town with your children, we must congratulate you because your children will spend a lot of time in this didactical museum. After visiting the museum, it is time to go to one of the best restaurants close to the Exploratorium like Coqueta, Piperade, or Seismic Joint. The Battery, Le Meridien San Francisco, and Pacific Tradewinds Hotel are the best hotels that you can choose for resting.

10- Union Square

Union Square attraction san Francisco

Union Square is located on the shoulders of San Francisco and is the host of a handful of hotels, shopping centers, and theatres. At the heart of this square, there is the Dewey Monument and is dedicated to the hero of the Spanish-American war in 1903. The best time to visit Union Square is during Christmas, in which everything is creatively decorated and represents the sense of life. Using a cable car, you can head from Union Square to Fisherman’s Wharf. You can choose it at the perfect place for your wedding shopping, enjoy the diversity of stores, and then move toward one of the best coffee shops in this square and drink hot coffee on cold winter days. Bespoke Experiences, Holiday Ice Rink in Union Square, TIX Bay Area, and Eatwith San Francisco are the nearby attractions. You may eat the most delicious foods in Union Square in great restaurants like
Asian Box that remembers you of the taste of the most delicious foods that you only can find in Italian restaurants.

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