Top 10 romantic places to visit in Spain

Spain, the country of natural beauty and beautiful landscapes, is a lovely destination for romantic travel. Its Stunning scenery full of dramatic, imposing mountains to the countless glistening beaches, dwell caves, and preserved medieval towns are something unforgettable. Spain is called one of the most tourist-friendly countries globally; its wonderful sunshine attracts many travelers to its cities and coasts. It seems that Spain is a country with a hundred different countries in it. Every single city has unique characteristics: fantastic food, wine, history, pastries, and attractions. This welcoming country has a unique culture, especially its bullfighting. The couple can find many things in common by traveling together, and Spain is an excellent destination for this end. In the following text, you will discover ten romantic places to visit in Spain. This text is engaging; don’t miss it if you are going to plan a romantic trip.

 # Playa Bollullo Beach,Tenerife

Playa Bollullo Beach,Tenerife

Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, is located off West Africa and dominated by Spain’s tallest peak, Mt. Teide. This island has many beaches and resort areas with different characteristics. The most popular beach on this island is called El Bollullo Beach. This black sandy beach with solid waves doesn’t have many facilities, but its beauty is not forgettable. This gorgeous unspoiled natural beach is located in the scenic La Orotava Valley near Puerto de la Cruz, on the coast of the village El Rincon, in the middle of a rocky bay. Its access is done through driving the narrow road through banana plantations and the last meters you have to walk downstairs from a minor road to the large expanse of volcanic sand; And because of this walking, the beach is unfrequented in the last meters. It takes a while, but it’s well worth it. Dramatic cliffs surround this hidden gem in a wonderfully secluded spot. Sublime scenery, pristine water, and soft sand; all settings are perfect for a tranquil day on the beach. This Secluded beach featuring strong waves & a shoreline made up of black volcanic sand is a good place for having a unique romance traveling. 

The top 5 hotels near the beach are:

  • Hotel Botanico & The Oriental Spa Garden (5stars)
  • Hotel Troya (4stars)
  • Hotel Club Bonanza (3stars)
  • Palm Beach Tenerife (2stars)
  • Coral Ocean View (1star)

Top 5 restaurants are called: 

  • Chiringuito Bollullo Beach
  • Chiringuito Bollullo Beach
  • Restaurante San Diego
  • El Calderito de la Abuela
  • Restaurante Haydée (By Hnos. Suárez)

It’s free to enter the beach. Other Attractions in Tenerife city are Whale Watching, Buggy Trips, Jet Ski Safari, Snorkeling with Sea Turtles, Teide National Park Vespa Tour.

#City of Rustic Charms, Toledo

City of Rustic Charms, Toledo

The ancient city Toledo is located on a hill above the plains of Castilla-La Mancha in central Spain. This city was also the former home of Mannerist painter El Greco. Toledo, like all Spanish cities, has retained its unique historical character. Toledo was the Moorish Bisagra Gate and the Sol Gate, in Mudéjar style, open into the old quarter; Roman historian Livy has mentioned this city as Urbs Parva, Sed Loco Munita (“a small city, but fortified by location”). It was an important Roman colony and the capital of Carpentaria in 193 BCE. This city is an undiscovered food paradise; it’s the home of Marzipan, Game Meat Stew Central, Manchego Cheese Heaven, and Saffron Nirvana. 

The top 5 restaurants for trying these foods are:

  • Real Seafood Company Toledo
  • The Chop House – Toledo
  • Grumpy’s Toledo
  • J. Alexander’s
  • The Leaf
  • Seed Café

The top 5 hotels near the city center are:

  • Autograph Collections (5stars)
  • San Juan de Los Reyes (4 stars)
  • Hotel Abad Toledo (3stars)
  • Hotel Sol (2stars)
  • Oasis Hostel Toledo (1star)

Some Attractions in Toledo city are Church of Santo Tomé, Cristo de la Luz mosque, Nueva de Bisagra Gate, Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, and Santa María La Blanca synagogue.

#Colorful Shores, Costa Galicia 

Colorful Shores, Costa Galicia 

Galicia is located in Spain’s northwest and verdant region with an Atlantic coastline as an autonomous community. Its coast is the largest one in Spain with almost 1500 km of coastline. Galician Coastline, located in the far northwestern corner of Spain on the Atlantic Coast, borders Portugal to the south and Asturias to the east. Travelers can enjoy a quiet and relaxing holiday in peaceful surroundings. Its charming coastal area is an excellent place to enjoy a relaxing holiday. The beauty of its landscapes is unforgettable. It’s also the home to stunning blue flag beaches. Galicia is known for its weather. It has the coolest temperature in Spain, so many travelers travel to this point during hot days. This city is known for its astonishing variety of stunning beaches ranging from golden to white sand; it also has seas that can be crashing rollers or almost lakeside calm. Also, remember that The waters of the Atlantic Ocean washing these spectacular shores of Galicia are cooler than the Mediterranean. Entering these beaches is free. Other Attractions in Galicia city are Devesa Da Rogueira, Pena Trevinca, Beach Of Caolín, San Simon Island, and As Mestas. 

The top 5 restaurants near the beaches are: 

  • Casa Marcelo
  • Galicia restaurant
  • Abastos 2.0
  • As Garzas
  • Casa Marcelo

The top 5 hotels near the beaches are:

  • arador De Santiago De Compostela (5stars)
  • Eurostars Blue Coruña (4stars)
  • Hotel Smart Boutique Literary San B(3stars)
  • Hotel De Naturaleza AV (2stars)
  • Praza Quintana (1star)

#A Town Of Fountain-Filled Plazas, Seville

A Town Of Fountain-Filled Plazas, Seville

Seville is the largest city of the Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia; it’s also the capital city of Seville province. Seville is located on the lower reaches of the River Guadalquivir in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Some believed that Hercules himself built this city and its fascinating history makes it one of Spain’s most intriguing places to visit. This city is full of tight streets spilling out into beautiful plazas. This kind of city planning was the best way to keep the town cool in the unbearably hot summers. The shady streets led the people into plazas full of trees or water fountains, or anything that kept the people away from the heat. These wonderful plazas are a sample of Mediterranean life. 

The top 5 hotels near the city center are: 

  • Radisson Collection Hotel
  • Magdalen (5stars)
  • Hotel Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana (4stars)
  • Hotel Plaza Sevilla(3stars)
  • Casa De Colón (2stars)
  • San Francisco (1star)

The Top 5 restaurants near the city center are:

  • La Sede
  • Indian Restaurant Bollywood Sevilla
  • Espacio Eslava
  • Al Wadi

Top attractions in Seville city are Seville Cathedral, La Giralda, The Alcázar of Seville, General Archive of the Indies, and The Santa Cruz district. Entry for most plazas is free. 

#The Land Of Gothic Churches and medieval walls, Ávila

The Land Of Gothic Churches and medieval walls, Ávila

Ávila, a city in the rolling hill country northwest of Madrid, is famous for its medieval walls. These two kilometers walls have more than eighty preserved turrets. These medieval walls were built to control the entrances (of both people and goods) to the city; they were also a defensive mechanism against the constant threat of attack and siege. Visitors can walk Long sections atop the walls. Avila is also known as the home of Saint Teresa. It has a rich religious heritage; this city has several religious buildings, including a cathedral, churches, basilicas, and monasteries. One of the places that travelers shouldn’t miss is the cathedral apse embedded in the walls. The other place is the Basilica of San Vicente, an example of the transition from Romanesque to Gothic. This list can be continued. This city can be an excellent romantic place for Couples.Other Attractions in Avila city are Murallas (Town Walls), Basilica de San Vicente, Convento de Santa Teresa, Real Monasterio de Santo Tomas, Catedral de San Salvador. 

The top 5 hotels near the city center in Avila are: 

  • La Casa del Presidente (5stars)
  • Palacio de Los Velada(4 stars)
  • Hotel Las Moradas (3 stars)
  • Don Diego(2 stars)
  • Le vintage(1 star)

Top 5 restaurants near the city center in Avila are:

  • La Mafia se sienta a la mesa – Pza
  • Duque
  • Foster’s Hollywood Luis de Morales
  • Restaurante Alcaravea
  • Restaurante Bococo
  • Restaurante Siglodoce

#Cinderella’s Disney Castle, Segovia

Cinderella's Disney Castle, Segovia

The historic city of Segovia is located northwest of Madrid. It has a rich architectural legacy. It is known for its historic buildings, including three prominent landmarks: its midtown Roman aqueduct, its cathedral, and the castle templated for Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle. The Spanish castle Alcazar de Segovia was founded in the 12th century; this castle in Segovia is known in Spain. Cinderella Castle, which is called the iconic logo of the Walt Disney Company, is influenced by Alcazar de Segovia castle. This castle is located atop a rocky crag above the Eresma and Clamores rivers in Segovia. Entry to the castle is just 5.50€. It is worth visiting this place, especially for a romantic trip. Top attractions in Segovia city are Aqueduct of Segovia, Alcázar of Segovia, Cathedral of Segovia, Mirador de la Pradera de San Marcos, and Old City. 

The top 5 hotels near the city center of Segovia are: 

  • Hotel Eurostars Convento Capuchino(5 stars)
  • Palacio San Facundo (4 stars)
  • Hotel Condes de Castilla(3 stars)
  • San Miguel (2 stars)
  • Hosteria Natura (1 star)

The top 5 restaurants near the city center of Segovia are: 

  • Restaurante Pasapán
  • Tuma
  • Villena
  • Asador David Guijarro
  • Restaurante en Segovia
  • Restaurante José María 

#The City Of Honey-Hued Architecture, Salamanca

The City Of Honey-Hued Architecture, Salamanca

Salamanca is located in northwestern Spain, part of the Castile and León region. The city is famous for its ornate sandstone architecture and Universidad de Salamanca. This university was founded in the 1100s; it was a key intellectual center in the 15th-16th centuries. It is the oldest university in Spain. Salamanca has many open squares; these squares are home to restaurants and boutiques, Tenerife cafes, a sandstone cathedral, museums, and monuments dating back to the 13th century. The nickname of Salamanca is La Dorada (The Golden One); this city is known as “The Golden City” throughout Spain because of its honey-colored sandstone buildings. It seems that they are glowing. Top Attractions in Salamanca city are Plaza Mayor, Catedral Nueva (New Cathedral), Casa de las Conchas (House of Shells) Catedral Vieja de Santa María de la Sede , Old Cathedral), Casa Lis: Salamanca’s Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum. 

The top 5 hotels near the city center are: 

  • Hospes Palacio de San Esteban (5stars)
  • Hotel Eurostars Las Claras(4stars)
  • Hotel Eurowest (3stars)
  • ibis Salamanca (2star)
  • Hostal Hispanico Ii (1star)

The top 5 restaurants near the city center are: 

  • Zuruz Salamanca
  • Restaurante En la Parra
  • Salamanc Restaurante En la Parra
  • Salamanca
  • El Alquimista 

#The City Of Cathedrals And Castles, Cádiz

The City Of Cathedrals And Castles, Cádiz

Port city of Cádiz is located in the Andalucia region of southwestern Spain. Cádiz is the home of the Spanish Navy. There are more than 100 watchtowers, including the iconic Torre Tavira traditionally used for spotting ships. This city is known for its city walls, rich history, architectural beauty, and good climate. Phoenicians found this city in 1100 BC, so It is considered the oldest inhabited city in Spain. There are 15 Cathedrals And Castles in Cádiz. Entry to the cathedral and castles are different. Attractions in Cádiz city are Torre Tavira, Mercado Central, Playa Victoria, Caleta Beach, and Yacimiento Arqueológico Gadir. The top 5 hotels near the city center in Cádiz are Hotel Parador de Cádiz (4stars), Patagonia Sur (3stars), Hotel Argantonio Hotel Argantonio (2stars), Boutique Convento Cádiz (1star). 

The top 5 restaurants near the city center in Cádiz are: 

  • Harper House Restaurant
  • El Bracero of Cadiz
  • Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
  • McDonald’s
  • Taco Bell 

#City of Romantic Nightlife, Alicante

City of Romantic Nightlife, Alicante

Alicante, the capital of the Alicante province, is located in Spain’s southeastern Costa Blanca. This port city has colored houses, narrow streets, and a nightlife scene. Alicante is one of the best nightlife spots to entertain in the whole of Spain and a nightlife scene especially couples, traveling without children and enjoying restaurants, hotels, etc. Alicante is full of places good for sightseeing and different clubs scattered around the town to satisfy all tastes. The best time to visit this city in November is still warm enough to enjoy dinner outdoors. Top attractions in Alicante city are Playa del Postiguet, Tabarca, Basilica of Santa Maria, Catamaran Cruise, and Paseo de la Explanada. 

The top 5 hotels near the city center in Alicante are: 

  • Hotel Hospes Amerigo (5stars)
  • Hotel Eurostars Mediterránea Plaza (4stars)
  • La City Mercado (3stars)
  • Méndez Núñez (2stars)
  • Rialto (1star)

The top 5 restaurants near the city center in Alicante are: 

  • Kaf Rotisserie Halal Restaurant
  • Barra Central- Alicante
  • Sunrise Gastro-Bar-Restaurante
  • Restaurante Espacio Montoro
  • Wasamole

#City of Pintxos, San Sebastian

City of Pintxos, San Sebastian

The resort town of San Sebastián is located on the Bay of Biscay in Spain’s mountainous Basque Country. It’s famous for Playa de la Concha and Playa de Ondarreta beaches and world-known first-class restaurants. San Sebastian or Donostia to the Basque is so attractive among tourists in Spain. It has some beautiful churches and buildings. Its vast sandy beaches are described as one of the best in-city beaches in Europe. For visiting San Sebastian, choose a time between May to July. These months have the best temperatures. This lovely city has great weather; spring and fall temperatures seldom top 65 degrees. Attractions in San Sebastian city are seaside at La Concha Promenade, the Peine del Viento sculptures, the Old Town (Parte Vieja), the arcades of Plaza de la Constitución, and Playa de la Concha. 

The top 5 hotels near the city center in San Sebastian are: 

  • Hotel Maria Cristina, a Luxury Collection (5stars)
  • Hotel Arbaso (4stars)
  • Niza (3stars)
  • Nuevas Artes (2stars)
  • Zaragoza Plaza (1star)

The top 5 restaurants near the city center in San Sebastian are: 

  • Kai Sushi Bar
  • Bodegon Alejandro
  • La Madame
  • Sirimiri Gastroleku
  • Zazpi
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