Top 10 Beaches in Spain to Visit

Spain offers whatever you need for a fantastic vacation across pristine beaches, from pleasant weather to clean places. The sense of loving and enjoying life is a valuable gift dedicated to peace seekers by nature. Spain has advantages over two pristine coastlines in the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts because of its peninsular situation. The lovely shores of Canary Island and Balearic Island are two fabulous places that many people desire to stop time and live here forever.

The beautiful Spanish beaches show off in various sizes and shapes and provide many chances to enjoy outdoor activities and recreation. Spain becomes a gorgeous place for everyone with over 3000 miles of beaches and beautiful spots for resting.

Surf the net to find the top beaches to change your good experience into a memorable one. Forget about your home and leave Spain and its breathtaking beauty through the following words. Walking on the golden sand at sunset and memorizing mesmerizing landscapes is beyond a typical moment. The Spanish beaches are easily accessible, and you may reach these peaceful places from different cities of Spain. Journey through a world of experience, and unprecedented changes are described in the following paragraphs.

Tossa de Mar- CataloniaSituated on Costa Brava on the north side of Barcelona, Tossa de Mar. This stunning coastal city is 41 kilometers away from Girona Airport. The road takes human beings to Sant Feliu and provides picturesque views of this spectacular place. El Codolar, La Mar Menuda, and Tossa Beach are three wonderful attractions in Catalonia. The impeccable nature of the beach and its excellent weather condition make it a dream to see. Due to the absence of stones and unpleasant depth changes, swimming in the sea is enjoyable. Sunbathe on the available sunbed and refresh your mind in this part of Spain. These Spain visitors can participate in diving school and familiarize themselves with Mediterranean inhabitants and the underwater world. That perfect weather from May through October guarantees a memorable vacation for you and all of your family members to enjoy free activities.

The best dining rooms next to the beach are:

  • Restaurante Castell Vell
  • Chiringuito Codolar
  • Restaurant Santa Marta
  • Restaurant La Placeta
  • Restaurant Can Pini

The best nearby hotels include:

  • Hotel Tossamar ( four-star)
  • Hotel Marina Tossa (1-star)
  • Hotel Tossa de Mar (3-star)
  • Hotel del Marc( two-star)
  • Golden Mar Menuda ( four-star)

Playa del Ingles- Canary Islands

Your trip to Spain will not be complete without relaxing in the Canary Islands. This Spanish territory includes one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The admirable golden brown beach provides an opportunity to enjoy refreshing under the sun umbrellas with your beloved.

The luxurious nearby hotels offer eye-catching views of the Atlantic ocean and beautiful dunes such as:

  • Bull Hotel-Hotel Escorial & Spa(3-stars)
  • Hotel Caserio ( 4-stars)
  • Bohemia Suites & Spa ( 5-stars)
  • Apartamentos Las Tejas (2-stars)
  • and Las Arenas (1-star)

A 25.49 km drive from Gran Canaria Airport guides you to Playa de Ingles. Top attractions in the Canary Islands are Paseo Costa Canaria, Yumbo Centrum, and Holiday World Maspalomas. Playa de Ingles means English beach, and it stated that an English bohemian discovered the Island and coast. Playa de Ingles is the best shoreline on Canary Island. You are lucky to see the gem and find it with all of your flesh.
After swimming, you may take a shower then join the nearby restaurants such as:

  • McDonald’s
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Ciao Ciao
  • Cafe Mozart
  • Sunset Bay

The magnificent beach is for everyone from little kids to adults. You can join the beach for free. It is 29 km away from Gran Canaria Airport.

Playa de Bogatell- Barcelona

The second-largest city shoreline in Spain, Bogatell, is positioned on the Mediterranean coastline. This gorgeous beach is a top attraction in Barcelona. The human-made beach is excellently clean, and like some world beaches, pleasant smelling will not bother you. The brown tiny sand grains add to the beauty of this flat beach. Bogatell is 20 minutes away from Barcelona train station and 18 km from Barcelona Airport. Anybody who is in love with water activities can join Bogatell and enjoy kitesurfing and windsurfing. You can go to the nearby centers that offer massage services which is a good idea to leave your body after swimming. The beach is next to popular attractions, including Parc Esportiu Urba de la Mar and Bella Octopus Garden Sant Pol de Mar. This lovely place is excellent for playing volleyball with many people or taking pleasure from yoga and meditation. If you want to avoid crowds, close your eyes to the summer months.
The best restaurants across the beach are:

  • L’Escamarla
  • Xiringuito Escribo
  • Xiroi Ca La Nuri
  • La Fonda del Port Olimpic
  • El Chiringuito

Superb hotels next to the beach which you may select according to your budget are:

  • Hotel Gran Claustre (4-stars)
  • Mas Boronat (3-stars)
  • Residence Pierre & Vacances Comarruga (2-stars)
  • Mas Passamaner (5-stars)
  • Hostal Del Priorat (1-star)

Cala Mesquida- Mallorca

Cala Mesquida is situated in a well-developed part of Spain, Mallorca. Although the city is progressive, you can find hidden gems and attractions in Mallorca. The international tourist discovered the northeast coast to rest under a generous, warm sun. The stunning beach is 82 km from Mallorca Airport.
You can relax in coastal hotels like:

  • Viva Cala Mesquida Resort & Spa (4-stars)
  • Hostal Cala Ratjada (1-star)
  • San Duaia (2 stars)
  • Lago Garden Hotel & Spa(5-stars)
  • Hotel Chevy

and sleep well to prepare yourself for unexampled experiences. Cala Mesquida is circled by pine trees and is known as an area of particular interest. The bay-shaped beach is a top destination for British and Germans. Paddling, snorkelling, and diving are enjoyable activities in this area. Watching lovely seagull communities flying over your head shows the Creator’s magical power. The beach is achievable by your vehicle, and you may use the free parking.
Take pleasure from a unique taste of Mediterranean cuisine and other delicious items offered by nearby restaurants like:

  • Restaurante La Terraza
  • Cala Mesquida
  • ZAFIRO Pool Bar Lapalapa
  • Sa Cova
  • Bar-Restaurante Paraíso de Barbassa

It is suggested to spend at least 3 hours on the lovely beach. You may come here from Cala Agulla and enjoy walking in a place kissed by sand, sun, and high waves. It is 86 km away from Mallorca Airport.

Playa La Salve- Cantabria

Breathe the pleasant weather that comes from French borders and imagine the glory of Paris and its romantic nights. Sit across the marvellous Atlantic ocean at Laredo and think about nothing. This dazzling beach is among the popular attractions in Cantabria and Centro Botin, and Palacio de la Magdalena. The beach is 145 km from Burgo’s Airport. The center of outdoor water sports in Spain, Laredo, attracts anybody who loves to experience jet skiing and windsurfing. Playa La Salve stretchers 5 km across a charming Bay and provides the rental water sports facilities for your pleasure. The ruins of the Roman Empire inside Cantabria are a life lesson that is worth the time to see and learn.
The nearby hotels are:

  • Apartamentos La Terraza (2 stars)
  • Playamar (3-stars)
  • Hotel Ramona (1-star)
  • Hotel El Ancla (3-stars)
  • Hotel Cortijo (2 stars)

Take pleasure from eating in oceanfront restaurants such as:

  • Vinotaca Albatros
  • Restaurante Palmanova
  • Greenbush
  • Paseo del Mar
  • Restaurante Pollo Tropical

This aspirational place will florist your sense of poem writing, so do not forget to bring a pen and paper to write whatever hits your mind.

Playa de Torimbia- Asturias

The white and Wild beach of Playa de Torimbia in Asturias has its unique beauty. The less touched shore by human beings is a raw spot without shops but showers. The northeastern Spanish beach chairs are enclosed by rock cliffs however it is accessible by vehicle. During the summer months parking is complicated, don’t worry you may leave your car in the village of Niembro. Playa de Torimbia was once covered by ancient people’s footprints; how impressive it is to put your feet on their footprints. After all, Asturias played a significant role in medieval Spanish. Disconnect your relationship with the digital and physical world and relax under the blue sky. The high waves, spectacular mountains, green hills, and swimming in the ocean are things to die for in Playa de Torimbia. The magical place is the mother of vaulted rocks, which are the ocean’s entry. The specific location of the beach makes it difficult for seniors to walk because Playa de Torimbia is not easily accessible. Though there is no shower in the area, it is perfect for windsurfing.
The best places to eat lunch and dinner are:

  • Chiringuito Torimbia
  • Pizzeria Acuario
  • Riu-Calabres
  • Restaurante La Parrera
  • Restaurante Pelayo

The superb nearby hotels are:

  • Hotel La Portilla (3-stars)
  • Pension Torslanda (2 stars)
  • Hostal la Playa ( 2 stars)
  • Hotel Miracielos (3-stars)
  • Hotel Don Paco (3-stars)

It Is 121 km away from Asturias Airport.

Playa San Pedro de Alcantara – Marbella

Playa San Pedro de Alcantara stretches across Almeria province’s east side. This pristine beach is accessible with the aid of a boat or on foot. The bright ribbon of sand is carefully maintained and provides primitive amenities for its guests’ comfort. The beach Promenade is famous for its massive palm trees and excellent for relaxation. In the peak season, you will encounter many people though no problem with the car park. This coastal area is excellent for families and is identified by the blue flag. Playa San Pedro de Alcantara is the top attraction in Marbella and 62 km away from Malaga Airport. Some visitors say the glory of Spain is observable from the beach, so let’s join and see. Every year several festivals are held in Playa San Pedro de Alcantara, so you may come here to create better experiences. This low density allows you to have more places for peace. Playa San Pedro de Alcantara is a spot to find and confirm how beautiful life is, so enjoy the pleasure of life by strolling in the area.

  • El Ancla
  • Dantonelas Beach Club
  • Bora Bora
  • La Pesquera de San Pedro
  • Chiringuito Guayaba Beach

are nearby restaurants that invite you to have delicious dishes.

  • Hotel NH San Pedro de Alcantara ( 3- star)
  • Hotel Dona Catalina (3-star)
  • Paloma Blanca Boutique Hotel ( 2- star)
  • Acemar Hostal (1 -star)
  • Hotel Avenida 31 (2 -star)

Popular tourist attractions in Marbella are Plaza de los Naranjos, Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Encarnacion, and Alcazaba Ruins of a Moorish Castle.

Playa de Oyambre- Comillas

Drive 162 kilometers from Bilbao Airport toward a magical beach on the westside of Camillas. Parque Natural Oyambre preserves this marvellous place. The impressive history of the area, along with surfable waves, keeps Playa de Oyambre among the top-rated tourist attractions in Camillas. As waves are pretty strong, it is logical to swim when you see the flying green flag. Sit on the beach and enjoy the waves’ play, and when their play comes to an end, dive in the water and take turns to play. Remember that puppies are not allowed at the seaside. Please do not leave your garbage in nature and avoid changing this paradise into a trash bin. For a memorable experience, forget about the beach relaxing in August. The best nearby restaurants are:

  • Restaurante El Pajaro Amarillo
  • Sotavento
  • Restaurante La Aldea Comillas
  • Restaurante Mariswueria Adolfo
  • Taberna El Cardeo

After drinking a cup of espresso at sunset, pick one of the nearby hotels like:

  • Abba Comillas Golf Hotel (4- star)
  • Hotel Cuevas (4- star)
  • Hotel Faro De San Vicente (3- star)
  • La Casa del Organista (2- star)
  • Hotel Costa Esmeralda Suites (5- star)

Do not miss this attraction in Comillas.

Playa de la Concha- San Sebastian
The heart of San Sebastian beats in Playa de la Concha, which becomes the home of tanned bodies stretched throughout the coast during the summer months. Playa de la Concha is always safe for swimming so let your young children play in the water. This part is excellent for beach lovers who want to have a great meal in fabulous restaurants such as:

  • Arnoldo Heladeria
  • La Perola Donostia
  • La Espiga
  • Ir Pizzeria La Mina

The best hotels next to Playa de la Concha are:

  • Barcelo Costs Vasca (4- star)
  • Hotel Maria Cristina, a Luxury Collection Hotel, San Sebastian (5- star)
  • Hotel Niza (3- star)
  • Lasala Plaza Hotel (4- star)
  • Hotel Leku Eder(2- star)

This attraction in San Sebastian is 268 km away from Zaragoza Airport. Come back at night to see the b magic at midnight and take pleasure from the rock formation of this arched beach. After refreshing your memory and body, start exploring San Sebastian attractions like Parte Vieja, Museo de San Telmo, and Miramar Royal Palace.

Praia As Catedrais- Lugo

The powerful waves of the Atlantic ocean paved the way to creating rocky arches and caves visible at ebb and flow. Praia As Catedrais is situated on the northwestern side of Spain, and its gothic-looking rocky formations astound people. Permission to come to the beach during Holy Week and from July to September is necessary. Acquire the required license from Xunta de Galicia. Do not lose any chance for a romantic walk in August. This lovely attraction in Lugo is 103 km from Asturias Airport.
The closest hotels to the beach are:

  • Hotel My Norte (2 -star)
  • Hotel Casona de Lazurteguis (3 -star)
  • Hotel La Rectoral de Taramundi (4-star)
  • Viveiro Urban Hotel( 4-star)
  • Hotel Isla Nova (1-star)

Visit top attractions in Lugo like Marcelle Natureza, Roman Walls, and Catedral de Santa Maria then go to the best close restaurants like:

  • Restaurante Playa de las Catedrals
  • La Yenka
  • O La de Carmina
  • A Cofradia de Rinlo
  • A Mirandilla

Do not hesitate a second to live through this charming beach with your beloved. Take the hands of your love and live the peace and beauty of your surrounding area.

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