The most beautiful places to live in Spain

Which part of the world is your dream to live in? Do you want to spend the continuing days of your life in a peaceful village? How about an island? Finding a beautiful and relaxing place to live and rest along the attractive shoreline could be the ultimate wish of peace lovers. A dreamy magnet, Spain could be a utopia for people of different countries. Sunshine and beauty seekers joined Spain in the 21st century and settled in the world’s stunning migration destination. Look for a site to acquire the necessary information to make the most of Spain? You are in the right place; keep reading and find great islands and villages to live in. Whether you prefer to live in elegant Granada, vibrant Madrid, or romantic Seville, each is a walkable city with many places to experience.

The surprise destination for retirement consists of less well-known sites loaded with landscapes, admirable coastlines, beautiful towns, and impressive historical backgrounds. This range makes it specific to find the most beautiful locations to live. This time we decided to take you over a comprehensive and complete list of cities that benefit from desert landscapes, glorious historical attractions, immaculate beaches, and peace-loving landmarks. By introducing the impeccable places, necessary hotels, and restaurants and representing attractions of various spots, you can easily select your favorite destination.


The settlement of 1200 people, Lastres, is considered the most beautiful village in Spain. If you have sufficient courage to get lost in Royal Street, Calle Real, and ascend the numberless stairs, alluring squares with inspiring chapels and attractive fountains await you. Some of the breathtaking attractions in Lastres close to the village are the Jurassic Museum of Asturias, Escanu Beach, the Church of Santa Maria de Sabada, and Faro de Lastres. The village is famous for its fishing tradition, and fishing is many people’s job. The site is located across the rocky Atlantic Coast and 81 km from Asturias Airport. By settling in Lastres, You may visit the 600 years old Clock Tower and wander in the streets while being kissed by raindrops. This historical village adds to its fame by taking you to the Jurassic period. If you are interested in mathematics and famous figures, do not hesitate to settle in Lastres inside the house of Agustin de Pedrayes. the North-Eastern side of Asturias has the best hotels, including:

  • Hotel Palacio de Los Vallados (3-star)
  • Puebloastur Eco-Resort Hotel & Spa (5-star)
  • Hotel Palacio de Luces Relais & Châteaux (5-star)
  • Hotel Eutimio (2-star)
  • El MAR Kabania (1-star)

The best restaurants at your fingertip that offer unforgettable dishes are:
El Barrigon de Bertin

  • Restaurante Eutimio en Lastres
  • El Escanu
  • Restaurante El Mirador
  • Restaurante Lastres Miramar


Thanks to stunning sandy beaches, magnificent mountain ranges, and a tremendous and high-spirited Andalusian community, Morgan is the most popular destination for migration. One of the popular attractions in Andalusia is Frigiliana. Andalusia consists of many symbolic white villages, and the most charming one is Frigiliana. The Sierra Almijara’s slopes house this medium or place, the magnificent representative of white villages displaying Moorish architectural masterpieces. It will be neglectful not to point out that the village is known as the Village of the Three Cultures meaning the Christians, Muslims, and Jews who live together in Frigiliana. The zigzagging streets of Frigiliana, unlit tunnels, and vague passageways are the starting point of an inexperienced journey. Some of the exciting attractions in Frigiliana are the Palace of the Counts of Frigiliana, Lizar Castle, which is a 9th-century legacy, and the church of San Antonio de Padua. Your future home is 39 km from Airport Axarquia.

Frigiliana offers excellent nights at:

  • Hotel Villa Frigiliana (3-star)
  • Miller’s of Frigiliana (3-star)
  • Hotel Rural Almazara (3-star)
  • EL TORREON 109 CHARMING B&B (3-star)
  • Hospederia el Caravanasar (1-star)

Discovering Botanischer Garten Von Santa Fiora and finding local plants in the white-washed village is highly recommended by Frigiliana local people.


The northwest heart of Spain belongs to Galicia, and many people confessed it is an awe-inspiring place to live. The unique topography of Galicia kept it less touching. A beautiful 1500 km coastline becomes magic in Spain. The top attractions in Galicia are the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, As Catedrais beach, and Muralla Romana de Lugo.

The restaurants of Galicia which offer high-quality dishes like:

  • Tira do Cordel
  • As Garzas
  • Marisquería Ríos
  • A Pulpeira de Melide
  • Mesón O Pote

The superb hotels include:

  • Hotel Eurostars Auriense (4-star)
  • Hospital Real de Santiago de Compostela (5-star)
  • Alda Puerta Coruña (3-star)
  • Albergue Bela Muxía (2-star)
  • Hotel Eurostars San Lázaro (4-star)

Galicia is 73 km away from Lavacolla Airport.


The most romantic city in Spain compared with other attractive cities, Seville consists of enchanting monuments you have seen in Game of Thrones. House Martell was filmed in Alcazar de Seville, the heritage site of the 14th century. The magical ambiance of Seville leads to elegant buildings, dancing birds, unfashionable street lamps, and theatrical and colorful festivals. The birthplace of Iglesia Colegial del Salvador is 11 km from the airport. The best dining areas selected by local people are:

  • Cerveceria Camas
  • Pizzeria Carlos Sevilla
  • Anibal

While visiting Seville, do not miss the pleasure of testing Serranito and french fries. Plaza de Espana, Patio de Banderas, and La Girald are popular attractions in Seville. The city of possibilities includes various super hotels ranging from:

  • Hostal Alcobia (2-star)
  • Welldone Quality- Crystal Pool (2-star)
  • Hotel Palacio de Villapanes (5-star)
  • Hotel Adriano Sevilla (2-star)
  • Hotel Cetina Sevilla (4-star)
  • Legado Alcazar (3-star)

Listening to flamenco music while eating in Triana will wash away your tiredness.


A 106 km drive from Madrid Airport navigates you to another significant part of Spain, Segovia. It is loaded with culturally magnificent structures and buildings, and Ancient Roman Aqueduct, Palacio Real la Granja, and Catedral de Segovia are the tourist attractions in Segovia. Join the best restaurants to have memorable dishes such as:

  • Restaurante El Fogón Sefardí
  • Mesón José María
  • La Almuzara
  • Segovia Restaurant
  • El Redebal

The glamour hotels in Segovia are:

  • Hotel Infanta Isabel (3-star)
  • Hotel Eurostars Convento Capuchinos (5-star)
  • Hotel San Antonio El Real
  • Restaurante Claustro, Hosteria Natura (4-star)
  • Hotel Exe Casa de Los Linajes (3-star)


With the conjunction of Beiro, Genil, Darro, and Monachil, four beautiful rivers, there may be an iconic metropolis full of charming monuments, multicultural history, and imposing landmarks. The English poet, Laurie Lee, portrayed Granada as the most hunting and great cities of Spain overflowing between the hands of Darro Valley. The charms of Granada are memorable, and then you walk through each part of the city to find why Granada is so unique. Some of the attractions in Grenada that add to its uniqueness are Alhambra, the Islamic architecture remaining, The Gypsy Quarter of Sacromonte, and Capilla Real de Granada. The young cosmopolitan Granada is the mother of classic cuisine, and its guests will never miss the delicious La tortilla del Sacromonte for breakfast, Gazpacho, and Papas a lo Pobre. The Spanish spoken city is 125 km from the airport Axarquio. If you need a cup of tasty coffee and good dining, you can try:

  • Cafeteria Diaz
  • El Oasis 2
  • Meson Asador La Panera
  • Restaurante El Portazgo
  • Restaurante PacoMER
  • Restaurante la AlcuzA

After skiing in the Sierra Nevada, many people rest in the best hotels in Granada, including:

  • Hotel Alhambra Palace
  • Hotel Casa 1800 Granada
  • Hostal Azahar
  • Hotel Casa Morisco
  • Hotel Alixares


This medieval village is 43 km away from Huesca–Pirineos Airport and sits among the top places to live. Due to its unique location and remoteness, Alquezar is a wonderful place for rock climbing and canoeing. The main attractions in Alquezar are Saint Michael’s church and the Colegiata church of Santa Maria. The village’s rustic charm makes it like nowhere in the universe. The fantastic restaurants in Alquezar are:

  • Casa Pardina
  • Restaurante Cueva Reina
  • Casa Jabonero
  • Casa Gervasio
  • O’cado

The glorious hotels in Alquezar are:

  • Hotel Villa de Alquézar (2-star)
  • Hotel Boutique Tierra Buxo (3-star)
  • Apartamentos Casa Aurelia (1-star)
  • Gran Hotel Ciudad De Barbastro (4-star)
  • La Sal (2-star)


The sun-drenched shores of Spain’s largest island and its magnificent rural landscapes put Mallorca among popular destinations to live for good. During August, many people jump into the water and escape from the hottest hours of the day. Lazing on peaceful speech is what is to die in this part of Spain. To live on the beautiful island, you must land in Palma de Mallorca Airport, 45 km, about 41 minutes away from the island. Mallorca, is there a natural Paradise on earth? Imagine you are running across the beach with flying flamingos; how can you ignore this moment? Do you know Rafa Nada, the famous Spanish tennis player? He lives in Mallorca, and you will be his neighbor. If you are interested in jewelry and look for stunning items, head toward Santanyi Outdoor Market, held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. from Wednesday to Saturday. Helados Ice Cream offers the most delicious ice cream on the island, so do not forget to test.

  • Restaurante Cal Dimoni
  • Restaurante Binicomprat
  • Restaurant Es 4 Vents
  • Sa Cuina de Naina
  • Restaurante Cas Torres

are the best places to have a romantic dinner.

  • Alua Soul Palma (4-star)
  • Cap Vermell Grand Hotel (5-star)
  • Cooks Club Palma Beach (3-star)
  • Sol Port Soller (2-star)
  • Hotel Condesa (4-star)

are excellent hotels in Mallorca. Tourist attractions in Mallorca are the Cultural Capital City of Palma de Mallorca, Alcudia’s Old Town, and Llucmajor Beaches.


Be ready to get lost in the medieval city and discover elegant attractions in Toledo like Catedral de Toledo and Casco Histórico de Toledo.
Eat-in the great restaurants like:

  • Restaurante Victor Sánchez-Beato
  • Cocinarte Toledo
  • La Mar Salá
  • Restaurante La Orza
  • Restaurante Museo Alcazar

You may rest in fantastic hotels such as:

  • ToledoAloja (4-star)
  • Hotel Beatriz Toledo Auditorium & Spa (4-star)
  • Hotel Carlos V Toledo (3-star)
  • Oasis Backpackers Hostel Toledo (1-star)

and save time to find a good home to live in. There is a bridge in the village that allows you to see the beauty of the river and the alive Toledo.


With the glamorous clubs, eye-opening beaches, and world’s exciting parties, Ibiza is another iconic place to live in Spain. The Mediterranean climate and stunning attractions in Ibiza such as Dalt Vila, Cala Bassa, and Ibiza Castle tempt many people to breathe in and relax in the place. Yoga lovers may enjoy the yoga classes held on the island. The live music, the heavenly beauty, boating chances, and the magical atmosphere of the island are the significant factors that bring many peace seekers to the island.
The grand dining places in Ibiza are:

  • Anita Restaurante
  • Cas Pages
  • The Giri Cafe
  • Es Pins
  • Musset Cafe

The island has various luxurious hotels such as:

  • Ibiza Rocks Hotel (4-star)
  • Aguas de Ibiza (5-star)
  • W Ibiza (5-star)
  • Hotel La Ciguena (1-star)
  • and Occidental Ibiza (3-star)

The treasure of traditional food in Ibiza, such as Paella de Marisco and Flap, are highly suggested to taste. The island is 22 km from the airport.


A fishing village that overlooks the blue sea and displays a Symphony of colors, Cudillero is a charming attraction in Asturias. This most photographed village is located on the Atlantic Coast lap. The dramatic sequence of cliffs and brilliant beaches is 16 km from Asturias Airport. Cudillero was built on a nature-made amphitheater and decorated with colorful structures. This fairytale village is the house of more than 6,000 people. Legends announce that Vikings founded the village. Imagine you step in a place where once upon a time was the lionheart Vikings’ house.
The postcard-like village has excellent hotels to spend some nights such as:

  • La Casona de Pio (2-star)
  • Casona de la Paca (3-star)
  • Palacio de la Magdalena (4-star)
  • Grand Hotel Brilliante (4-star)
  • Hotel Alvaro (1-star)

The best restaurants that offer fantastic seafood dishes which are delicious options in the village presented by excellent restaurants are:

  • Meson El Carbayo
  • Restaurante El Pescador
  • Casa Mari- Sidreria
  • Casa Fernando II
  • Casa Zoilo
  • Cuttlefish
  • la Carte


Each corner of Spain is allusive to the colorful history of Spain. The house of Bible expander, Juan de Alarcon, and the tales of Count Lucanor, Juan Manuel, Alarcon is situated in Cuenca Province. The splendid village is made of brilliant places, narrow streets, captivating landscapes, and extraordinary monuments. The historical village includes many exquisite stops. The delightful attractions in Cuenca refer to the glorious history of the area. For instance, the Castle of Alarcon is a ravishing fortress situated over the Jucar River. This petite but charming village is 193 km from Madrid Airport.

The local people choose below for having delicious food:

  • Pizzeria el barrio
  • Pub El Jaral
  • Pepe
  • El Albero
  • Restaurante Ven y Ven

A number of the high-quality hotels throughout Alarcon monument are:

  • Parador de Alarcon (4-star)
  • Hotel Hierba Luisa (3-star)
  • Casa Rural El Covanchon (2-star)
  • Hotel Restaurante Setos (2-star)
  • San Cristobal (2-star)


The name Albarracin refers to faithful people and devoted human beings and comes from Alvaro. Albarracin was selected as the most visited and the most beautiful place in Spain, surrounded by walls, red boulders, and cobblestone streets. The dreamy place to live and the capital of the Hawwara Berber Dynasty is 131 km from Valencia airport. The top attractions in Albarracin include Plaza Mayor, Calle Portal de Molina, and Artesania Jarreta. Albarracin’s pink-hued houses with wooden balconies could be your mind-blowing home. The national monument, Torre del Andador, is over ten centuries old, which is outstanding due to its location and size.
The best medieval fortress ever constructed on the earth offers fabulous views of the city and invites you to join the nearby restaurants, including:

  • Rincon de Chorro
  • La Covacha
  • A Zara, Restaurante El Seron
  • El Bodegon

The best hotels in Albarracin include:

  • Hotel Albarracin (3-star)
  • La Casa del Tio Americane (1-star)
  • Hospederia El Batan (2- star)
  • Hotel Posada del Adarve (2-star)
  • Camping Las Corralizas (3-star)

Setenil de las Bodegas

One of Spain’s wonders is Setenil de las Bodegas, situated on the northeast side of Cadiz. This pretty town is famous for its tasty sausage and other meat products. The historical town came into being in 20 century and became a mysterious place in Europe. Setenil de las Bodegas is 126 km from Seville Airport.
The lovely town invites you to join the best restaurants such as:

  • Restaurante Alfonso
  • El Parque
  • Casa Carmina
  • Restaurante la Bodega
  • Asador
  • Celebraciones La Parchite

This small town has a reputation of dwellings constructed into the heart of hanging rocks, a significant attraction in Cadiz. The famous places in Setenil de las Bodegas include the Ruins of Acinipo, Castillo de Setenil de las Bodegas, and Casa de la Damita de Setenil.
Top hotels in Setenil are:

  • Casa Cueva Las Calcetas (1-star)
  • Hotel Ronda Valley (4-star)
  • Hotel Villa de Setenil (3-star)
  • Finca La Donaira (3-star)
  • Hotel La Fuente de la Higuera (4-star)


The Town of Stones and Saints is situated on the west side of Madrid, Avila. Restored walls and gorgeous hills encircle the city. The pioneer town in Gothic and Romanesque cathedrals is 123 km away from Madrid Airport. The famous attractions in Avila are Murallas, Basilica de San Vicente, and Convento de Santa Teresa. This lovely town includes cozy places to eat, such as:

  • El Almacén
  • Restaurante Bococo
  • Restaurante Alcaravea
  • Los Candiles
  • Restaurante Siglo Doce

The birthplace of 11 centuries-old walls has comfortable hotels like:

  • Sercotel Hotel Cuatro Postes (4-star)
  • La Casa del Presidente (5- star)
  • Hotel H2 Avila (3-star)
  • Hostal la Estación (1-star)
  • Hotel – Restaurante Puerta del Alcázar (2-star)
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