Cultural Sites And Events In Spain

Loaded with a significant number of tourist attractions in Spain ranging from the Grandeur of a Palace and Santiago de Compostela to Guggenheim Museum. The soul of Spain can be discovered in magnificent cultural and historical attractions. The enchanting beauty of Spain will be intensified when the gorgeous son says farewell to the glorious Alhambra and Generalife Gardens. The sound and fury of Rambla disappears in the silence of Cordoba’s Great Mosque. Spain is tied with the present and past.

The high-rated Barcelona and Madrid are famous globally for fantastic museums, scenic, cultural places, and impressive arts. The dance of lovely flamingos to the architectural World Heritage of Seville attracts many visitors to take pleasure from Spain’s easy-going culture and must-see sites. Festivals are melted into Spanish culture. La Tomatina and La Fallas are two significant events. Each city in Spain is a unique story that narrates eye-catching tales about landscapes, customs, and food. At the same time, visit Spain and do not forget to experience the best-known food in Spanish cuisine, Paella.

Spain’s national dish is among the main factors to visit. Spain invites you to see the outstanding monuments constructed by Romans, admirable medieval castles, beautiful villages, and cultural attractions. With over 3000 miles of shoreline, Spain, becomes one of the stunning places to relax on the coastline. Resting along the gorgeous coast and enjoying the glory of the blue sky and waves make your trip to Spain memorable.

1- La Sagrada Familia- Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia- Barcelona

Publicly noted as Sagrada Familia, The Basilica de la Sagrada Familia. Antoni Gaudi constructed this Roman Catholic church in gothic Revival, modernism, and art nouveau architectural style. The process of construction of the minor basilica started in 1852 up to the present. La Sagrada Familia is among the popular tourist attractions in Barcelona. The highest structure displays the glory and grandeur of the architectural world. Each year over 2 million people visit this historic structure. Nikolaus Pevsner, art and architectural historian, called La Sagrada Familia, sugar loaves due to its unique shape.

From May to October, La Sagrada Familia experiences its peak season, and visitors can purchase online tickets. La Sagrada Familia means holy family in the Latin language. Keep in mind that the basilica is closed from 2 to 5 p.m. The church is dedicated to Joseph, Jesus, and Mary, the holy family, and welcomes many people from 8 a.m. to six p.m. The mixture of sensation and spirituality, along with stained glass and other decorative elements, added to its beauty. The tickets to visit La Sagrada Familia costs €29.90. The masterpiece of Gaudi blows your mind.

No more words to describe the magical modernism wonder. The church became an expiation for modernism and was considered divine command by Community’s conservative groups. Some nearby restaurants include La Taqueria, Five Guys, Mercadona, Tio Papelon, and Tuscania Food & Wine. Look for nearby hotels? Ayre Hotel Rossello (4-star), Le Meridien Barcelona (5-star), Hispanos 7 Suiza (4-star), and ILUNION Auditori (3-star), and ibis Barcelona Centro (2-star) are among the top places to stay. The church is 11.80 miles from Barcelona airport.

2- Generalife- Granada

Generalife - Granada

One of the tourist attractions in Granada is Generalife which is a legacy of the 14 century. This cultural structure’s name means Garden of the Gnostic and Garden of the Architect. Generalife displays the blend of Nasrid- Period elements and everyday items. The southern side of the park is covered by beautiful gardens executed by Francisco Prieto Moreno. The pool is an inspiration of Islamic Gardens, and the cypress trees formed the walls.

The majestic palace occupies the Hill of the Sun and offers panoramic views of Darro and Genil. The outstanding palace is surrounded by columns, fountains, and the admirable Jardin De la Sultana. You may join the intimate restaurants for an excellent Spanish cuisine experience, including Restaurante Carmen El Agua, El Pozo, Restaurante Mirador de Morayma, Puerta de Los Tristes, or El Candil. The architectural masterpiece is 21.74 miles from Granada Airport. You may rest in the superb nearby hotels such as Parador de Granada (4-star), Palacio de Santa Ines (3-star), Hotel Casa Morisca (3-star), Shine Albyzin (3-star), and Hotel Casa 1800 Granada (3-star). The King’s leisure palace waits for you to be explored. Visiting Generalife costs €14.85 for adults. It is open from 8 a.m. to six p.m.

3- Festival of San Fermin- Navarre

Festival of San Fermin- Navarre

Pamplona hosts a famous festival which starts on July 6 and goes on until July 14. When the world’s biggest party starts, all guests should be dressed in white and red belts. The city has celebrated the Festival of San Fermin since the 12th century. San Fermin was known internationally through the efforts of Ernest Hemingway. The festival is for people of all ages with different interests.

Live through the joy of Running of the Bulls and head toward this tourist attraction in Navarre, which is 5.8 miles from Pamplona Airport. Participating in the festival is free for everyone. Mei Mei, Basoko Taberna, Doner Kebap, Kandela KafeBar, and Saint Wich are fantastic restaurants to have tasty food in the area. The superb hotels in Pamplona are Pamplona Catedral Hotel (4-star), Hostal IZAGA (2-star), Hotel Pompaelo Plaza del Ayuntamiento & Spa (4-star), Hotel A Pamplona (2-star), and Hotel Alma Pamplona (5-star).

4- The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba- Cordoba

The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba- Cordoba

The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is widely known as the cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, which is devoted to the Assumption of Mary. This tourist attraction in Cordoba benefits from Renaissance and Moorish architectural styles. The active cathedral was an Islamic mosque formally. It was constructed in 785 CE at Abd ar-Rahman’s request. The local people called the cathedral Mezquita, which means mosque. Start exploring The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba with a short walk around and enjoy the variety of art and Intelligence.

Ornamentation inside will stunned visitors paid €11 per percent of remaining artifacts. The place is most of the time crowded; however, you will encounter less crowd due to covid-19. This gorgeous venue is a must when traveling to Spain. In the 863 vaulted columns, the gems give life to the forest of emotion. For a better experience, you may benefit from an audio tour guide. If you need a wheelchair, there are some pieces of equipment for your comfort. The charismatic building shows off in white and brown columns, and visitors can discover The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba from 8:30 to 18.

Be alert that on festivals and religious holidays, a time to visit the cathedral varies. The mosque is 4.9 miles from Cordoba Airport. Some of the best nearby restaurants include Mercado Victoria, Restaurante El Churrasco and Casa Pepe de la Juderia. You may rest in the best nearby hotels such as Algo Diferente Apartamentos (3-star), Hotel Marisa (3-star), Eurostar Conquistador Hotel (4-star), Los Patios Hotel (4-star), or Hostal Almanzor (1-star).

5- Museo del Prado- Madrid

The national art museum, Museo del Prado, is located in Madrid and consists of a marvelous European artwork collection. Museo del Prado holds masterpieces that date back to the 12 century. It was founded as a sculpture and painting museum 202 years ago to represent the works of Francisco Goya and Diego Velazquez, among others. This historic site sits among the number 1 attractions in Madrid. A place to revitalize legends and learn about thousands of sculptures, landmark documents, and 7600 paintings. Keep in mind that visitors are not permitted to take photographs.

By representing your student card, your visit will be free of charge. Museo del Prado is a must on your trip to Madrid. Save your time to visit the museum precisely and enjoy the medieval paintings, which add to the significance of the museum. The exhibitions are an excellent piece of art that will be explored better in the mornings. Tickets to see this magical spot cost €15. The museum keeps its doors open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The best restaurants next to the museum are El Botanico Restaurante Terraza, Secure Tearoom, Restaurante Torrenostra, Trattoria Sant Arcangelo, and The Ritz Garden. The museum is 10.56 miles away from Madrid Airport. Nearby charming hotels include Hotel Mediodia (2-star), Hotel Vincci Centrum (4-star), Hotel Regina (3-star), Hotel Paseo del Arte, a Member of Radisson Individuals (4-star), and Hotel NH Madrid Nacional (4-star).

6- Guggenheim Museum Bilbao- Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

The museum of contemporary and modern arts is 14 km from Bilbao Airport. The Guggenheim Museum was established 23 years ago in Bilbao. The art museum is visited by more than 300000 people year-round. The artistic use of glass and titanium put Frank Gehry’s work among the most visited attractions in Bilbao. The Spider and the flower dog statues are fun to see. The museum is a must-see for contemporary art lovers. The Kandinsky exhibit is lovely, so you should have at least 2 hours to visit the inside and outside of the museum.

Be solved in the reflection of art which is the host of exhibits, festivals, concerts, educational workshops, and conferences. The modern art’s gateway is close to the best restaurants, including Balicana Restaurante & Lounge, Cappola Bilbao, Casa Keotta Bilbao, Restaurante Wasabi Japonés en Bilbao, and Restaurante Porrue. The best hotels next to the museum are Hotel Ilunion Bilbao (3-star), Hotel Abando (4-star), Hotel Carlton (5-star), Hotel Bilbao Plaza (2-star), and Hotel Artetxe (2-star). The spot is open from ten a.m. to 8 p.m., and admission prices cost $76.57.

7- Seville Cathedral- Seville

Seville Cathedral

Nicknamed the cathedral of st. Mary of the See, Seville Cathedral, and came into being in 14001. This 135 m feet structure was established in gothic architecture style. The charming attraction in Seville was constructed during the Almohad dynasty reign. On Monday afternoon, you and other 69 visitors may visit the Roman Catholic Cathedral free from 16:30 to 18. You must pay €9 on winter days and €13 on summer times to visit the cathedral. It is believed that Christopher Columbus was buried in this place. The cathedral’s operating time varies on different days, so before joining, check its website.

The Seville Cathedral is 8.69 miles from Seville Airport. The breathtaking attraction is a beautiful stop that is designed with stone carvings and imported gold from India. The Seville wonder is close to fantastic restaurants, including Orio, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Le XiX, and Puerto Plata. Relax at the nearby hotels like Hotel Becquer (4-star), Hotel Alcazar (3-star), Hotel Adriano Sevilla (2-star), or Hotel Alfonse XIII, a Luxury Collection Hotel Seville (5-star). The main feature of Seville Cathedral, which includes many biblical figures, is that the Calpilla Mayor is worth visiting.

8- Plaza Mayor- Madrid

Plaza Mayor

The throbbing heartbeat of Spain, Madrid, houses a fantastic place back to 6 centuries ago. Plaza Mayor’s official name is Plaza Mayor de Madrid which was constructed during the kingdom of Philip III. The triangular-shaped building houses King Philip III statute, a precious present from the Duke of Florence. Plaza Mayor was destroyed due to 3 great fires and reconstructed to embrace many visitors every day. The best time to see this attraction in Madrid is the Christmas holidays. With many cafes and restaurants like Sobrino de Botin, Tu Fruta Al Momento and Meson Tapa. Plaza Mayor welcomes visitors with delicious food options. The starting point of many tours, the symbolic plaza, is worth your time to spend a memorable afternoon and enjoy the area’s magic.

Many visitors do not hear about a significant issue because the plaza’s history has been recorded on the light poles. Wandering in Plaza Mayor, do not miss the pleasure of eating delicious ice cream offered by the close cafes. If you are a seafood lover, without any doubt, the cuttlefish sandwich provided by the new nearby restaurants could be an unrepeatable experience. Live the plaza’s history and take part in a free tour to uncover the hidden secrets. After filing your hunger, you may rest in the close hotels such as Hotel Santo Domingo (4-star), Numa Script (3-star), The Westin Palace Madrid (5-star), DoubleTree by Hilton Madrid-Prado (4-star), or Hotel Francisco (2-star). Plaza Mayor is 19 km from Madrid Airport. Operating hours are from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Visiting the square is free. Do not lose the opportunity to visit the birthplace of Old Madrid.

9- City of Arts and Sciences- Valencia

City of Arts and Sciences- Valencia

The city of tradition and modernity, Valencia houses a cultural and architectural complex that hosts over two million people in a year. This entertainment place was opened in 1998. The tourist attraction in Valencia is a blend of energy and creativity and makes Valencia famous. The extraordinary architecture consists of five must-see spots: Hemispheric, Science Museum, Umbracle, Oceanographic, Reina Sofia Palace of Arts, and Agora. The eye-catching place starts working from 10 a.m. to seven p.m. At the same time, some attractions remain open until 9 a.m. Pay €36.90 and enjoy visiting the attractions.

As you need more time to see the touristy place, you may return the next day and continue exploring unseen destinations. City of Arts and Sciences is 15 km from Firefly Valencia Airport. The best restaurants next to the City of Arts and Sciences are Saona, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Mono coffee, TGB The Good Burgers, and Sorsi e Morsi Alameda. Rest in Valencia’s excellent hotels like NH Valencia Sciences (3-star), NH Valencia The Arts (4-star), SH Valencia Palace (5-star), Hotel One Shot Mercat 09 (3-star), or Casual Vintage Valencia (2-star).

10- La Tomatina- Bunol

On the last Wednesday of August in Bunol, the Spanish community and people worldwide take part in a tomato fight for pleasure and entertainment. The festival has been held since 1945. The true story about festival background dates back to 1945 when people gathered in Bunol square to see the Big Head and Giants figures. The group of people who refused to take part in the event started to throw tomatoes as revenge. The story repeated next year and the following years.

The festival begins from 11 a.m; to 1 p.m. Bunol is 34 km from Valencia Airport. The best close restaurants beside this attraction in Bunol include Merendero San Jaime, Restaurante Ventas, Restaurante Insigne, and Musical Yatova. After the tomato fight, rest in the nearby hotels such as Hotel Condes de Bull (4-star), Posada Venta Pilar (1-star), Hotel La Carreta (3-star), Hotel Villacarlos (3-star), and Hospes Palau de Mar Hotel (5-star). Enjoy each part of Spain and remember your travels.

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