The Best Hotels In Moscow To Stay For Tourists

Moscow city is one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the world and the capital of the Russia federation country. Moscow is located in the western part of the biggest country in the World and has played a significant role since the late 13th century, which has been chosen as the capital of Russia. Moscow is the most important and populous city of Russia and is not only the political center of the country but also the economic, social, historical, scientific, educational, cultural, and industrial capital of Russia and this adds to its importance and superiority over other cities of the Russia country. Since the late 13th century Moscow has been the capital of the Russian kingdom. From the 20th century till 1991 it has been the center of the Soviet Union and today is the modern and beautiful capital of the Russian country. Moscow has been the center of events and occurring over history, and each part of the city and each of its streets and buildings has its history and story. Moscow is an alive and vibrant city full of life and a modern lifestyle and attracts millions of tourists annually from all over the globe. Moscow is full of modern, historical, cultural, and tourism attractions and sightseeings, so you should plan and spend days, if not weeks, to fully explore Russia’s beautiful capital. Moscow today is a fully developed and modern city equipped with modern and fully featured infrastructure and facilities. With international airports, multiple luxurious shopping centers, beautiful and clean streets, nice weather and atmosphere, amazingly gorgeous buildings and modern and full-featured transportation system ranging from taxis to bus, train and its famous and luxurious subway system and famous international and local five stars super luxurious hotels you will feel excited and home in Moscow. As the country’s business hub, all foreign and domestic companies’ centers are located in Moscow, as the political center all political centers and buildings situated in Moscow, as the educational center, all top universities and institutions centers are in Moscow. As Russia’s cultural capital, all famous and great museums and theater centers are in this city so you will be thoroughly entertained and enjoy this diversity and features this beautiful capital of the country offers to its tourists. In this article, we will get to know the best five stars hotels in Moscow. For each, we will get to know its details, features, facilities, and competitive advantages to help you choose your best hotel for your stay in Moscow based on your interests and favorites and priorities. If you are planning to travel to Moscow currently or you will go to Moscow in the future, follow us in this article and keep on reading to get to know the best hotels Moscow offers for your travel. By choosing the most appropriate hotel, you will enjoy your stay more and will feel more comfortable and relaxed while you will Moscow beautiful attractions and sightseeings.

Lotte Hotel Moscow

Lotte Hotel Moscow
Image From Lotte Hotel Moscow Official Website

Located in Moscow’s financial and shopping center, this super luxury and beautiful offers luxurious accommodations and ultra-modern features and facilities. This fantastic hotel offers a 20m super luxurious and nicely designed indoor pool, two remarkable and award-winning delicious restaurants, and a large and full-featured spa.

Each room of this luxurious five-star hotel is equipped with a modern and comfortable luxurious sofa, and a big touch panel with excellent features ranging from lightning, temperature, and TV. All guests staying in each of these beautiful rooms can use this ultra-modern gadget to navigate the hotel, know the weather forecast, and contact hotel staff to order.

As said before, these attractive five-star hotels feature two award-winning international restaurants: the Italian cuisine and the other is from east Asia and the Megumi Japanese restaurant.

The sports center of this luxurious hotel is superb, ultra-modern, and equipped with state-of-the-art features and equipment. From a great and huge spa center with 300 different therapies to a super luxurious fitness center, sauna, silk bath, and swimming pools, you will feel delighted and fresh using its awesome and ultra-modern sports center.

Lotte Hotel Moscow has been situated at the strategic financial and shopping hub of the city with 15 minutes drive from the Red Square, the Kremlin Palace, and the Bolshoi theater.

Facilities of this gorgeous super luxurious five stars hotel include:

● Free parking
● Free WiFi
● Food & Drink
● Swimming pool
● Heated pool
● Pets allowance
● Shops
● Heating & Cooling
● Lift
● Car hire
● Ironing facilities
● Room service
● Air conditioning
● Wake Up Service
● Newspapers
● Non-smoking rooms
● Facilities for disabled guests
● Beauty/barbershop
● Carpeted

Full of superb and award-winning restaurants and cafe restaurants, entertainment, sports, and shopping facilities and centers, luxury lifestyle concierge service, and full-featured rooms and services, you will feel home inside this comfortable, super luxurious, and ultra-modern five stars hotel.

As you guess, health and safety, cleanliness and disinfecting, physical distancing, and food and security safety are top-notch and at its highest level and quality here.

Four Seasons Hotel Moscow

Four Seasons Hotel Moscow
Image From Four Seasons Hotel Moscow Official Website

Four Seasons is an international and super luxurious hotel chain company famous for super quality and super luxurious services. Four Seasons hotel of Moscow situated in the historic building of Moskva hotel at the heart of Moscow and just within minutes walk from the Red Square, the Kremlin Palace, and Bolshoi Theater.

As with any Four Seasons hotel in the location of the World, Four Seasons hotel Moscow room is super luxurious, elegant, and chic equipped with beautiful, modern, and comfortable sofa, air conditioning, a flat-screen tv, private bathroom and full-featured amenities and services you expect from a top-notch and super luxurious five stars hotel like Four Seasons hotel.

Four Seasons Moscow hotel is featured with awesome award-winning restaurants ranging from Italian and east Asian restaurants to Western and contemporary restaurants with different types of foods and drinks for all types tastes and interests so welcome heaven of foods as here not only you will be full nutrition but also enjoy every taste of food as each and every food and drink is provided with the highest quality and super luxurious standards.

Quadrum restaurant offers Italian foods and drinks, Bystro offers contemporary breakfast, food, and drinks, and the Silk Lounge and Moskovsky guests can enjoy Russian and international cuisine, foods and beverages.

One of the significant benefits of Four Seasons Hotel Moscow is its location which is located at the heart of Moscow and is just minutes away from famous attractions, including 50m away from State Historical Museum, 75m away from the Red Square, and 400m away from Lenin Mausoleum.

Four Seasons Moscow hotel is equipped with ultra-modern features and amenities you would ever need and expect from one of the best and super luxurious hotel chains of the World. With its strategic central location in Moscow, it’s awesome for guests who want immediate access to all Moscow important hubs and centers. Feel Moscow and enjoy its attraction from this fantastic and super luxurious Four Seasons Moscow hotel.

The Ritz-Carlton Moscow

The Ritz-Carlton Moscow
Image From The Hotel Ritz-Carlton Moscow Official Website

This gorgeous five stars hotel is located just off Red Square and next to the Kremlin Palace. This hotel is equipped with large and beautifully stylish rooms with modern and modern features and facilities.
Rooms are super luxurious, full-featured, chic with modern features to control air conditioning, curtain, and lightning with just one central panel. If you choose to stay in Club Rooms and Carlton Suites, you will enjoy exclusive access to The Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge with full-featured and fresh foods and drinks throughout the day.

Inside this five-star hotel, you will enjoy full diversity of all types and kinds of restaurants from rooftop restaurants, seafood restaurants, to international and contemporary modern cuisine to Italian and east Asian restaurants; the choice is yours.

The O2 lounge rooftop restaurant serves seafood and caviar with award-winning drinks in which you have the option to choose from a wide range of award-winning delicious drinks. Novikov restaurant offers Pan-Asian cuisine, and the Ritz-Carlton Lounge offers afternoon tea with a Russian touch.

The spa and fitness center with beautiful pools, rooms, and health centers offers gorgeous and super luxurious services and an atmosphere for guests. Also, you can enjoy a 24 hours fitness center and beauty salon inside the Ritz-Carlton five stars hotel.

If you are planning to travel Moscow as a family, then the Ritz-Carlton Moscow hotel is going to be your perfect choice as it’s a family-friendly and kids friendly hotel and offers incredible features and amenities to kids and their families to entertain their kids at the hotel. You can enjoy the features of this super luxurious, beautiful hotel.

Located at the center and heart of the Moscow Ritz-Carlton Moscow hotel lies within Moscow’s business center and is three minutes away from GUM Department Store and Bolshoi Theater.

Ritz-Carlton Moscow is one of the most famous hotels in Moscow and part of the international Ritz-Carlton chain hotel. It’s a perfect choice for families with its diverse and full-featured options for families.

Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow

Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow
Image From Hotel Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow Official Website

Located at the historical and cultural center of Moscow, this super luxurious and beautiful five-star hotel is next to the Bolshoi Theater and only five minutes’ walk from Red Square.
As one of the most modern hotels of the Moscow this hotel rooms is fully ultra-modern and equipped with ultra-modern features and amenities with modern and glorious furniture design, smart home management system using state-of-the-art technologies and artificial intelligence, luxurious bedding g and ultra-fast WiFi and entertainment amenities, you will feel fresh and comfortable inside this ultra-modern five stars hotel.

By choosing to stay inside the rooms of this glorious hotel, you will enjoy free access to the fitness center, spa, pools, sauna, and spa bath inside the Quantum Spa and Health club.
Food and drinking inside this hotel is a delicious and unique experience as you will have access to some of the best restaurants in the World here. Conservatory restaurant located on the 10th floor of the hotel offers an awesome view of the city with its panoramic views and stunning outdoor views. Also, inside the Enoki restaurant, you will enjoy Japanese and East Asian cuisine, foods, and drinks. Till you stay inside this hotel, you will have a diverse range of options for food and drink from traditional food to contemporary and international food.

Located at the heart of Moscow, Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow is a perfect choice for those who love and enjoy state-of-the-art technologies and ultra-modern amenities combined with fantastic ranges of food and drinks you will feel safe and home here.

The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya

The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya
Image From The Hotel St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya Official Website

Located at the heart of Moscow, this luxurious five-star hotel offers a central location situated right on the Lubyanka Square and just 10 minutes walk away from Kremlin Palace.

Rooms are elegant and modern with a fully furnished sofa, carpet, air conditioning, smart home management system, flat-screen TV, seating area, and a private bathroom with super luxurious and comfortable bedding services. Some of the rooms offer a view of the Kremlin and the Red Square, and others offer a view of the hotel courtyard.

You can enjoy a diverse range of restaurants with different types of foods and drinks for all kinds of tastes from Italian and Russian to Asian and Western foods and drinks.

Located at the center of Moscow, this hotel offers a perfect location if you are looking for a central location with access to all crucial hubs of the city. If you are planning for a business trip and want immediate access to important financial, economic, and shopping centers, this will be your perfect hotel to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable stay.

Best Places To Stay In Moscow:

Moscow is one of the most beautiful and modern cities of the World and the capital of the Russia federation country. With centuries of history and stories, you will encounter a vibrant city full of love and energy. Moscow has been chosen as the capital of Russia from the 13th century, and today is the modern capital of Russia country. Moscow is a political center of Russia and its economic, social, cultural, educational, financial, and business center and hub of Russia and has played an important role in centuries inside Russia events, revolution, and occurring. Today Moscow is a very modern and beautiful city equipped with modern infrastructure, transportation systems, and buildings besides its historical look and feel. Millions of tourists from all over the globe visit Moscow per year. Moscow is one of the most famous and attractive tourist destinations of the World with great and awesome and World-famous attractions, sightseeings and beautiful tourism centers. In this article, we first introduced Moscow, got to know it better, and then introduced the super luxurious five-star best hotels in Moscow to help you choose your perfect hotel for your stay in Moscow. Each hotel is incredible and super luxurious. It offers all features and amenities you would expect from a five-star hotel with some different features and advantages, which will help you choose the best hotel based on your own needs and priorities.

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